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[Technical note: experimenting with new comic software. Thank you for your patience.]

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A resurrection of a relatively recent strip – but one of my favourites of the past couple of years. Normal service will be resumed next week, plus the opportunity to buy a “BURKAS GIVE ME THE HORN” t-shirt with which to adorn your torso.

Happy New Year to all J&M readers!

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Poor, Mo. Will he ever don the niqab again?


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Here’s a little video from the BBC, showing how misogyny can be cute.


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Congratulations to Gail, who wins this month’s raffle prize – a signed a dedicated print of her choice.

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Look at him pouting like a carp.

Congratulations to Laetitia from Edinburgh on winning this month’s raffle prize – a signed copy of Ha Ha! the latest J&M book.

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