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Discussion (16)¬

  1. Vanity Unfair says:

    …displaying my modesty with pride…
    Brilliant. I might steal that.

  2. Forse says:

    Did you mean “not” irresponsibly ?

  3. Author says:

    Aargh! No I didn’t mean that. Thanks, Forse. Fixed now.

  4. gabe says:

    “Burked up to the eyeballs!” (I wanted to write that :-))

  5. CliffB says:

    Haha. Isn’t “displaying my modesty with pride” an oxymoron? Possibly an ironic oxymoron.

  6. Walter says:

    Burka is related to the verb “to burk”?

  7. Oh those punchlines, Author. Once again you nailed it. And after some delicious turns of phrase – “burked up to the eyeballs”, “displaying my modesty with pride”. I’d score this one a triple, eh.

  8. Dr John the Wipper says:


    you scored a Triple? Great, I will join you.Today mine will be Grimbergen, and yours if I may ask?

  9. two cents' worth says:

    Wait a minute! Is Mo saying that J has provoked his uncontrollable lust? I guess a burka protects the beholder from lust, but not the wearer.

  10. Dr. John the Wipper, I’m thinking Bells, after the serious work of the day is done. Cheers back atcha.

  11. Troubleshooter says:

    Mo as a snowflake! Oh, is THAT a laugh!

  12. Laripu says:

    Dr. John, that got a laugh out of me!
    I’ve been a home brewer for 30 years, and have made a number of tripels myself. Grimbergen is a nice one.

    My latest, which will be bottle conditioned in three weeks, contains honey, dates, and the ancient grain kamut (along with more usual ingredients like malted barley and wheat). It has some (satiric) connection to the innkeeper/brewer/queen/goddess Kubaba.

    Turning water into wine was a pretty good trick, but Kubaba actually and for real made beer.

  13. M27Holts says:

    I’ve not had that belgian beer. At 9% its fatally strong for a quick drinker like myself. All belgian beers are deceptively smooth and seemingly benign…but the gutter awaits those who try to.drink 5 pints…I had two friends who were belgian beer fans…both died ( 45 and 48) of pancreatic cancer so its probably dangerous to drink too much…

  14. Dr John the Wipper says:


    don’t know about that. I had quite more than a few (although not nearly as much as German and Austrian wheat beers) and at 68 they still taste fine!

  15. M27Holts says:

    Even though correlation does not demonstrate causation. The fact is that pancreatic cancer seems to kill a lot of alcoholics. Probably a coincidence but I know a lot of heavy drinkers who have outlived the two men in question…and both drank considerably more belgian ales than the other drinkers of my aquaintance….Mind you both men were also single all their lives too….

  16. postdoggerel says:

    five ales a day gives you
    scriptural theopathy
    and the consequent ailment
    peripheral neuropathy


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