A resurrection of a relatively recent strip – but one of my favourites of the past couple of years. Normal service will be resumed next week, plus the opportunity to buy a “BURKAS GIVE ME THE HORN” t-shirt with which to adorn your torso.

Happy New Year to all J&M readers!

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  1. Sach says:

    Show off his modesty.


    Happy New Year author!

  2. Nassar Ben Houdja says:

    An exotic dancer down town
    Wore a niquab instead of a gown
    As it fell to the floor
    The crowd howled for more
    Next was a burka clad clown.

  3. Shane says:

    Alright I have to. I don’t get it.

  4. plortho says:

    woah! NBH ftw… or something.

    Could it be that Nassar is turning over a new leaf for the new year, and will now offer up relevant witicisms that add to the discussions? Or, will he continue to metaphorically glare and spit out of his own personality burka, whilst remaining a “clad clown”.

    Let’s welcome change for the new “Sun lap”. Huzzah!

  5. Tulse says:

    Burqaphilia — now we just have to let Rule 34 do its work.

  6. Ketil W.Grevstad says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR author and everyone else on this site 🙂

  7. I have never understood wearing special clothes or drab colours to demonstrate how modest a person is.

    I’d think modesty rather depends on not drawing attention to yourself with blantant displays – not to mention the underlying implication of being more modest than others

    which is pride…..

  8. jerry w says:

    In my first glance at panel 3, I wasn’t sure that was just the beer tap.

  9. Stonyground says:

    Well done to Nassar, a witty and amusing little post.

    If we could convince the Islamists that western men find burkhas a turn-on that would give them an unsolvable diliema wouldn’t it?

    I think that I would be correct in saying that during the Victorian era, the western world was very prudish and uptight about sex and as a consequence the exotic eastern Muslim lands were the places to go to realise your wild fantasies.

  10. Neuseline says:

    A very happy and cartoon-productive New Year to Author.

  11. gordonl says:

    Happy new year! Bizarrely, when i read this strip on google reader, it was followed by an ad for abaya (some form of flowing arab dress, apparently).

  12. That one still gives me the horn! Looking forward to the next book!

  13. @Shane says: You don’t get it? Mo is wearing a burka, until Moses tells him that burkas get him horny. So mo takes it off with the comment that it was getting stuffy in there. Burka’s make you horny? I mean, that is seriously funny, man. It must be the thought of all that woman flesh beneath the cloth, and the imagined is always much more erotic than the visible. The whole reason we wear clothes, really. Or did I misunderstand your post?

  14. Shane says:

    I didn’t know if “the horn” was a reference to some Jewish tradition that I didn’t know. I suppose it is funny that it makes him horny. Did Mohammed actually wear Burqas in public, or is it just an excuse to make social commentary on this particular article of clothing?

  15. Stonyground

    it shouldn’t be that hard – sexy is what you can’t see, after all.

    but, if we really want to win in Iraq, I suggest an all lesbian army. after their cycles have synced up.

  16. Omino says:

    I’m a burqaholic.

  17. Herm says:

    “show off his modesty” – LOVE IT!

    And good point about the possible double meaning of horn. Should a good Jew like Moshe really say “they give me the shofar*”?

    *Shofar: ceremonial ram’s horn blown on festivals. Example.

  18. fenchurch says:

    If folks were really interested in dressing modestly yet unenticely, then some shleppy sweatpants and sweatshirts and shuffling about in Crocs or flip-flops should do the trick.

  19. dysamoria says:

    There’s a fetish for everything. No way out of that ;-D


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