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  1. tie says:

    postboxes, tents, ninjas… even cocroaches I heard as a description for that fashion for all seasons medieval dress.

    ps; I’m first? the chances of that.

  2. Jerry w says:

    Consider it lucky that someone guessed the species.

  3. Bodach says:

    Thanks to the author for not provoking my uncontrollable lust.

  4. Poor Richard says:

    I notice the pigeon is showing an unusual interest in the burka-clad mystery person. Perhaps Mo, if that be he, still smells like peanuts after his choking ordeal.
    As Poor Richard the Original once said, “You are what you eat.” Well, among the avatars, why exclude Mr. Peanut?

    You know, this strip sure generates the wackiest responses. It’s like a seed for digression. I’ll bet that when today is over, we’ll be way off on some really strange topic–involving, perhaps, stigmata that leak peanuts and burkas that aren’t waterproof. (Oooo, heavy.) I haven’t had this much fun since our family physician helped remove Einstein’s brain.

    Anyway, I trust I’ve helped this along.

  5. Jim says:

    The characteristic that differentiates men from women is their SEX, not the ‘g’ word that comes in three varieties.

  6. Eggrott says:

    As the late Piet Hein put it:

    “Speaking of successful rackets,
    Modesty deserves a mention:
    Exclamation marks in brackets
    Never fail to get attention.”

  7. BeefontheBone says:

    @Jim; True, but try telling Jesus that…

  8. ALbert Ross says:


    G Spot????

  9. JMo says:

    Is there some underlying meaning of the colors of these two characters? Black-Muslim-evil White-Jesus-good or does Jesus not know you are not supposed to wear white after Labor Day?

  10. Hades says:

    Ninja Woman? No Income, no jobs, no assets? Is that it?


  11. Hobbes says:

    Aren’t all burkas black?

  12. Karl says:

    God, god, G-d?

  13. Dicky Dickweed says:

    Hobbes, the see-through burkas aren’t black.

  14. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    See through burkas? The mind boggles.


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