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  1. Colonel Leisure says:

    HA HA HA HA! So funny!

  2. David B says:

    Yes, very funny, though not quite in keeping with your t-shirt offer.

    I think I’d prefer a ‘Burkas give me the horn’ t-shirt.

  3. Toast in the machine says:

    Mmm… Potentially cool addition to the gradually expanding T-shirt range: ‘Burkas give me the horn’ – perhaps with two em-burka’d figures, one clearly aroused. Though I wouldn’t want to be the first person to be lynched for wearing one.

    I think ‘I want the world to see how modest I am’ is one of the best lines ever coined by J&M, and probably should go on a T-shirt by itself.

  4. Bodach says:

    Hells, yeah! I would buy that t-shirt! Just the right amount of snark with a fine layer of inappropriateness.

  5. jerry w says:

    After walking around in the desert for 40 years, a good breeze could give a guy the horn.

  6. FireFox says:

    Heh, the HORN.

    *Filing away for future use in conversation.

  7. mateo-argentino says:

    hahaha, really funny!! It was about time moses returned…he’s awesome

  8. Garlic says:

    Was this in response to Sarkozy’s remarks or to a woman talking about why she wears a burkha on The One Show? They talked for a bit on that about blokes in burkhas too…

  9. Dave says:


  10. Ish says:

    Show off his modesty!


    Look at me, look at me, see how modest I am?

  11. Kevin Alexander says:

    “Show off his modesty” Brilliant! It satires most peoples incapacity to understand the word modesty. In one sense it means ‘don’t get aroused by my beauty’ in another sense it means ‘don’t get aroused by my superiority’
    In any sense it means to avoid social friction by drawing attention to yourself. If you live where burkhas are normal then it is modest to wear one. In the west they are in fact immodest because they draw attention. It’s why I always laugh at the irony of women who claim to wear them as an expression of their faith when the real purpose is an aggressive need to get in others faces.

  12. John Moore says:

    Is that the same “Horn” that Gabrielle will blow on the day of reckoning? We all know that the only way for Moses to show “horn” would be a massive dose of Viagra…..

  13. Stephen Turner says:

    Welcome back Moses, we’ve missed you. Are you an eyes-and-ankles man
    or a shapeless-black-thingy man?

    Moses went blind in his own age. Well now we know why.
    And we know why there is conflict in the Middle East.

  14. DonR says:

    Brilliant! One of my favourites to date. Layered jokes for the win. 😀

  15. Shaughn says:

    Nice reference to Michelangelo’s horny Moses !


  16. Lol: Mo’s monobrow is just visible along the top of the burka’s eyeslit! No wonder Moses got the horn!

    Question: how was he ever going to drink his pint (of… erm… coke, obviously!) with the veil on, without provoking our uncontrollable lust with an outrageous display of lower face? Do they have built in straws?

  17. Stephen Turner says:

    It’s Mo’s own fault that he’s so seductive. Only a shameless hussy would show BOTH eyes instead of just one (story from a few months ago).

    “Saudi cleric favours one-eye veil”

    I like the idea of a built-in straw! Let’s patent it. Just the thing for the first Muslim moon trip.

  18. show off his modesty. Priceless

  19. Vivek says:

    Hey, I loved this one too!! And I love the T-shirt one liners too!! Only the cost seems too high!! ( Not to forget that 5 dollar shipping seems to be the cheapest even within the US!!). Could the author maybe tie up with Amazon or something cos amazon gives a free shipment within US ( it comes in 6-7 days) on Sinfest books and stuff!!Would love to buy these t-shirts, but 22 dollars in Indian rupees is just too high. 🙁

    But the comic just rocks!!



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