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  1. ThomsonH says:

    Oldies but goodies – one can never tire of being amused at RC hypocrisy…

  2. Author, you crack me up. So delightfully economic. So perfect.

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  4. jean-françois gauthier says:

    unfortunately, the vatican doesn’t have a monopoly on ideological pro-life hypocrisy—although it certainly has a nice stockpile to get through any kind of supply problem. evangelicals around the world will support the death penalty in the name of life and will only grudgingly denounce killing abortion doctors. and, as for africa and aids, evangelical-inspired bush-era policies on developing-world healthcare funding and sex education and contraception have been at least as damaging there as roman catholic propaganda.

  5. Prithvi says:

    Just brilliant.

  6. Eric Meyer says:

    Oh, Author, can you not read between the words? “Pro-life” is simply a convenient verbal shorthand for “pro-life-but-only-when-it’s-life-that-we-and-our-personal-interpretations-of-ancient-texts-approve-of”. C’mon, you can’t expect people to actually say all that!

  7. Postman says:

    I don’t know why I bother to buy new irony meters. One church or another is constantly breaking them.

  8. Neuseline says:

    I just wonder how many Catholic babies have been born following IVF treatment. The pope should be pleased. Among them there may be some who will train for the priesthood………oh no, I don’t want more priests let loose on children.

  9. maggs says:

    I wonder why jesus is always portrayed here as a supporter of modern Xtian churches? They have all re-enterpreted what he was reported as having said so much that one would think he would hardly recognise them…

  10. Neuroskeptic says:

    This is one of your best strips ever. and that is a big complement.

  11. Ketil W.Grevstad says:

    i agree with the Postman 🙂

  12. @ Maggs:I wonder why jesus is always portrayed here as a supporter of modern Xtian churches?

    @ Neuroskeptic: This is one of your best strips ever. And that is a big complement.

    That’s why!

    People following the real Jesus just go about their days, helping people, being helped by people, doing what they can, to make the world a better place. There is nothing weird, or noteworthy about them.
    Cheats, killers, liars; these make for a gripping story. Or a humorous story!

  13. Steve Jones says:

    Thank you, Author, from me, my wife, and my daughter, whose birthday is today, and who we would have never known had it not been for IVF.

  14. Daz says:

    Damnit, there goes another irony meter. Author, I envy your ability to cut right to the heart of an issue and express it so succinctly.

  15. Blamer .. says:

    Christian leaders who’re valuing ‘potential’ humans over actual humans are evidently pro-afterlifers.

    (now I’m looking for a cute term for those who’re valuing faith in ‘elusive’ truths over knowledge of the here-and-now… elusers?)

  16. Equlan says:

    [quote]Christian leaders who’re valuing ‘potential’ humans over actual humans are evidently pro-afterlifers.

    (now I’m looking for a cute term for those who’re valuing faith in ‘elusive’ truths over knowledge of the here-and-now… elusers?)[/Quote]

    I believe Nietzsche would call them nihilists. At least I think the term would be fitting!

  17. AbortedAgain says:

    Our meaning of life is death, which we call “meeting with God”, “unifying with the Creator”, etc.

    Also, according to our faith, the purpose of the universe is ultimately the end of it: annihilation of all life, called “second comming of Christ”, “Armageddon” etc.

  18. It all makes sense now!

    kidding – pro-life means you value life from conception to birth and not at all afterwards.

  19. MyCatIsGod says:

    Sharp, very sharp. One of your best.

  20. JoJo says:

    A guy down my way was set on fire for being pro Westlife.

  21. jerry w says:

    Unified Field Theory (closed loop variant) Explained…
    1. Author makes / sells the irony meter.
    2. Author writes stuff like today.
    3. Reader says, “crap, there goes another one.”
    4. Back to 1.

  22. I love this site and this was a funny cartoon, but I feel compelled to nitpick this particular cartoon. Pro-life is a term that applies only to the abortion debate.

  23. Arcane says:

    Fuck you *I* am against IVF technology. WTF is the point in increasing the already over-populated earth with *more* fucking babies. You make fun of religion but some of you so-called fucking atheists are the exact same fucking thing. Just replace ‘God’ with ‘DNA’. And all of a sudden you get “the DNA says so” or “It’s natural”. Give me one good fucking reason why we need more fucking babies. You fucking DNA-worshippers piss me off way more than religious folks.

  24. fenchurch says:

    @Arcane: woah, woah, slow down, there. Ease off on the f-bombs.

    Atheists have only one thing in common, a non-belief in gods.
    There is no built-in stance for or against any other topic, including IVF and DNA. I know you said “some” atheists but you could have more fairly said “some people”.

    I didn’t appreciate being indirectly maligned by your rant and accused of things that are extra-atheistic, such as reproductive techniques. What is wrong with having technology? It’s the application of it to offer as a product to the public– including the batshit brood sow known as the Octo-Mom– that is the real problem here.

    I *also* don’t agree with people making more people in an already-overly peopled world. My personal thoughts on this non-atheistic question are that breeders need to consider an updated version of the Malthusian Growth Model, and how their choices now will effect the planet now and in near future.

    I fear a world where certain tribes have an average family size of 9 children so that more martyrs and warriors for their faith can be spawned, as well as other faiths pumping out more to meet their enemy’s numbers.

    I personally believe that there will be a natural consequence of overpopulation, such as a pandemic or mass starvation, combining with the ongoing mass hive death of bees (they do the job of pollinating crops, remember), and loss of arable land due to meat production and development.

    But, just as being called “Darwin-worshippers” misses its mark when aimed at atheists as an expletive, your “DNA-worshipper” smacks of the same kooky thinking.

    We’re here for you: when you’ve taken a few breaths, just try again, and tell us what the real issue is that atheists– as atheists– need to care about, with a passion as equal to yours.

  25. dysamoria says:

    I’m with fenchurch’s comments above… Attributing other “personally preferable” traits to a group, other than the single topic a group is foundationally aligned with, is a fallacy. I’ve made many similar mistakes. For example, assuming vegans were all about healthy eating (rude awakening there; it’s ONLY about non-animal ingredients; all else is again open to individual choice).

  26. smartalek says:

    Fenchurch, the restraint, rationality, and maturity with which you treated Arcane’s clearly-intentionally-offensive comment is a thing of beauty, and a model I shall try to keep in mind for the future.
    (I doubt I will be able to live up to it… But that’s my problem.)
    Thank you so much for providing it; I am quite in awe.

  27. m says:

    erm…the church actually doesn’t see birth control (condoms) as an intrinsic evil when its trying to stop the spread of a deadly disease, and not primarily to prevent pregnancy. If a husband had AIDS, he could use a condom to prevent his wife from getting it and vice versa. Same with Zika, or other deadly STDs


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