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This is the story which prompted this strip.


He’s not very good at this, is she?

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This is the 1002nd episode of Jesus & Mo. In this strange timeless lockdown I failed to notice the 1000th two weeks ago – which is a shame because I was going to invite all you readers round for a party. Never mind, we’ll have a proper celebration on the 2000th episode.

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As Jesus reports, after 15 years of selling J&M merchandise, CafePress got a notice from the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority telling them to take down all store items featuring images of Mo. We never made a lot of money from the CafePress store (a 2-figure sum paid out every year or two), but it was nice to offer t-shirts, mugs etc to people who wanted them. Will let you know if we find an suitable alternative outlet who won’t buckle at the first hint of protest from a censorious government.

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A resurrection today from 2007.