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Hat tip Olly’s Onions.

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If it was funny once, it’s funny twice. Right?

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(That’s enough irony meter jokes – Ed)

Jesus and Mo will be back in January. Peace and blessings be upon you.



If Craig Venter had been playing God, he’d have destroyed those self-replicating cells in a fit of pique by now.

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Joke stolen from here.

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NSS=National Secular Society, which, if you are in the UK, you should probably join. Even if they don’t realise God isn’t a secularist.


It’s not torture if God does it. God can do what he wants.

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Returning to an old theme.


Thanks to this week’s guest scriptwriter, The Archbishop of Canterbury.

Yesterday was this comic’s 10th birthday, and to celebrate we’re running a little competition (thanks to sparky_shark for the suggestion).

To enter, you just have to write a script for the last panel of a J&M “X-factor” strip:

X-factor competition strip

The script should a line from Jesus, a line from Mo (in any order), plus the off-screen judge if required. Just words, presented like this:
Jesus: Blah
Mo: Blah
Judge: Blah

The best script will win a book of the latest collection of Jesus & Mo strips (Vol 7), plus publication here on the website (anonymously, obvs). There may be runners-up prizes, too.

Send entries entitled “X-factor script” to author[AT]