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Yes, I know. The point has been made before, but not with a bad pun.

Thank you for all your kind words about the Brum Skeptics podcast. For those who missed it, it’s still available here:


Jesus died for our goats.

Today’s punchline shamelessly stolen from Daniel LePage (@lepage_d), who uttered the words in this Godless Spellchecker Podcast.


I’m a cultural imperialist. I believe in universal human rights.


A resurrected joke today.

The new Danish collection of Jesus & Mo has been published! It’s a got a foreword by Kenan Malik, and Jesus and Mo speak Danish in it. It would make a great present for your Danish friends, or for yourself if you’re Danish.

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Oh, grow up!


This is the 1002nd episode of Jesus & Mo. In this strange timeless lockdown I failed to notice the 1000th two weeks ago – which is a shame because I was going to invite all you readers round for a party. Never mind, we’ll have a proper celebration on the 2000th episode.

If you enjoy the comic and want to help it to reach that milestone, why not throw us a dollar or two every month? It makes us happy and it’s good for your eternal soul. Just follow this link:

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Hat tip to WEIT for the NYT article.


It’s a tough one to spin.