Oh, grow up!

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  1. Len says:

    Excellent punch line (as it were).

  2. Someone says:

    God, Mo is a little fucknut, isn’t he?

  3. DocAtheist says:

    Wow, that sounds like the rationale behind pro-“Palestinian” anti-Israel propaganda!

    Before there was a modern state of Israel, the only Palestine was the region occupied by Turkey. There also was no state of Jordan at all, ever. One doesn’t have to go back very far in world atlases from the most reputable sources to discover this.

    And, while Israel is ultimately blamed for everything wrong inside Gaza, the fact that Gaza also shares a border with Egypt is ignored. Does Egypt have any responsibility? Naw, there aren’t enough Jews left in Egypt to pin the blame on.

  4. David Hartley says:

    DocAtheist The nation of Israel is a fairy tale concoction from a book of fairy tales >80% of modern Israeli citizens are of Caucasian origin. So just what is your point?

  5. Laripu says:

    David Hartley, you’re right about the fairy tale part, but all that is irrelevant. The people who live there would like not to have rockets fired upon them, so “they started it by retaliating”.

    By irrelevant, I mean, they live there, have lived there for many decades (since before formation of the state), they want a country and they’ll defend that country. Their elected leaders will sometimes be bad, sometimes good, just like other democracies. Right at the moment, I think the leaders of the the US, UK, and Israel are all disgraceful.

    Will we have the Saxons expelled from the UK by the Cornish and Welsh? Will north and south American indigenous people be encouraged to expel all the Europeans? The French out of the Alsace? The Franks expelled from France in favour of the Gauls?

    How many more years before Israel’s continued existence justifies their continued existence?

  6. Philip Senior says:

    More than 50% of Israeli Jews arrived there from Middle Eastern or North African countries of origin (Oriental/Mizrachi/Sephardic) or are descended from ‘returning’ immigrants from those countries. The intended implication that most Israeli people are of European origin is gross ignorance on Mr Hartley’s behalf. The Arab/Muslim-majority countries expelled virtually all their Jews shortly after Israeli independence, and a substantial number of those refugees made their way to their (regardless of fairy stories) ancestral home, Israel. Ashkenazi Jews are descended from Middle Eastern Jews who went to Europe and and married the locals. Genetically, they’re half Middle Eastern and half European. The term ‘Caucasian’ refers not only to European-descended whites but includes virtually all the diverse peoples of the Middle East and North Africa as well as the Indian subcontinent. Also, the division of humanity into Caucasoid/Mongoloid/Negroid races is an outdated model that is no longer considered to have any scientific/biological validity.

  7. Alexis says:

    This often gets quoted in my family. Several decades ago Bil Keane’s Family Circus cartoon had Billy complaining that “It’s his fault. He hit me back first!”

  8. jb says:

    Jesus had no choice but to retaliate! One must never pooh-pooh a pooh-poohing!!!

    (…hoping I didn’t originally get that link from here…)

  9. Thomas Scott says:

    It’s been said that a fight starts with the second punch.

  10. DocAtheist says:

    Even the Public Broadcasting System’s news,, blames Israel for defending itself, saying Israel started it. A closer look into the terrorist who was targeted, his terrorist history, and his recent escalations, show that he was working for Iran to provoke Israel and disobey Hamas, so that Israel and Hamas could not calm things down and even discuss peace. Notice that Hamas is rather quiet — because the targeted killing was also helpful to them. As the political party in control of Hamas, they had no control over that terrorist’s faction, and it was causing harm to everyone.

  11. ego says:


    i guess you’re thinking of an old Andy Capp cartoon? “I thought he was going to hit me so I hit him back first” is definitely from there.

  12. postdoggerel says:

    counterretaliation is endemic
    it’s autochthonous if not anthropogenic
    it’s not so much a theory
    but a posteriori
    the result of not being ecumenic

  13. Alexis says:

    ego: the same idea goes round and round. Definitely Family Circus. Thomas Scott: I guess you are right. My brother would give me a little slap and then another and then another. Always ignored by Mom & Dad until I finally slapped him back. Then we were both in trouble and both punished.


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