Talking about making a fuss, those crazy boys at Goldsmiths have been at it again.

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  1. eoinkenobi says:

    Author, you are a ray of sunshine in this crazy, mixed-up world. Thank you so much.

  2. Emma Peel says:

    Sadly, dear Author, you will never be short of inspiration for your good works. Stay safe.

  3. Michael says:

    Mo might want ex-Islamic apostates to move on. However in Afghanistan, Brunei, Mauritania, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen apostasy is a capital offense. “Moving on” has a different meaning in those countries.

  4. Baz says:

    Wo-hoo! Good one, author!

  5. Nassar+Ben+Houdja says:

    Islam, upon investigation
    Is a vicious form of exploitation
    It is one prolonged curse
    In chapters and verse
    Insanity in social machination.

  6. And those crazy boys at Goldsmiths were supported by the Goldsmiths feminists, who did a Facebook post yesterday *in solidarity* with ISOC. It’s beyond belief.

  7. Jerry+www says:

    re: Michael,
    “Moving on” has a different meaning in those countries.
    This is true, as does “giving head” apparently.

  8. white+squirrel says:

    There was a time when the Islamic response to apotasy was ‘heads will roll’
    good to know Islam has moved on since those days

  9. smee says:

    “And those crazy boys at Goldsmiths were supported by the Goldsmiths feminists, who did a Facebook post yesterday *in solidarity* with ISOC. It’s beyond belief.”

    Not beyond belief if you’ve ever read any academic feminist texts!

    Although handy for security services to have all the loonies in one place.

  10. white+squirrel says:

    feminists in ‘solidarity ‘ with islam ?
    next up people of colour in ‘solidarity’ with the KKK!

  11. Catty says:

    “A student, during yesterday’s lecture, moved to turn off the main screen when Namazie showed a cartoon from the series Jesus and Mo.”

    Not that! Anything but that! Oh, the horror! Such an evil and wanton act of barbarity!

    What a bunch of cowardly cnuts.

  12. extro24 says:

    Talking about Muslim words – “blow job” has a completely different meaning to suicide bombers.

  13. wholly+humanl says:

    I like all the comments. But in particular I would like to know if Nasser+ Ben + Houdja have published a book of their poems. They’re good stuff and worth publishing and collecting. Eh bien?( PS another pertinent one from J n Mo)

  14. peter says:

    Ordered the new book of J&M: many thanks for your excellent work!

  15. Innocent Bystander says:

    Our Author, Which art in cyber-space,
    Hallowed be thy jokes;
    Thy jokedom come;
    Thy fun be had
    In Pakistan as in America.
    Give us this week our weekly cartoon strip
    And forgive those who don’t laugh,
    As we forgive those who don’t laugh at our own jokes
    And lead us not into narrow-mindedness
    But deliver us from being being over-serious.
    For thine is the web page,
    The html and the jpegs.
    For ever and ever

    Based on the 1662 Anglican version. Apologies if you are offended that I didn’t base my parody on your own preferred version.

  16. Fred+Flintstone says:

    Love it Innocent Bystander – it ought to be rAmen though 😉

  17. Grumpy says:

    Author, once again brilliant. Innocent Bystander, fantastic take on whoevers prayer that is.

  18. Author says:

    Ha ha! That’s great, Innocent Bystander. Thanks.

  19. pink squirrel says:

    What a bunch of cowardly cnuts.
    the resemblance to King Knut and the tide is apt

  20. two cents' worth says:

    Great job, Innocent Bystander! I’m not familiar with the 1662 Anglican version of the original, but the version of the original that I was taught uses “who” instead of “which” in line 1. Are you implying that Our Author is a bot? Or is this question theological (comodological? epikoptological?) nit picking 😉 ?

  21. plainsuch says:

    In the US we are told to ‘Move On’ whenever some politician is caught in some especially blatant act of corruption. The meaning is similar to ‘Shut Up’, but with the extra subliminal command to ‘Pretend This Never Happened’.

  22. Innocent+Bystander says:

    See two cents’ worth. In those days, and in my childhood, it was ‘which’, which led one person I know, who attended a convent school, to ask the priest who occasionally appeared whether he was Father Witch-Art.

  23. paradoctor says:

    There’s nothing wrong with Islam that can’t be fixed, the same way that Christianity was fixed a few centuries ago, or Judaism was fixed millennia ago, or a dog or a cat can be fixed. Dogs, cats and religions can all be domesticated, after slight alteration.

  24. pink+squirrel says:

    not sure that neutering priests medically is the best answer, Paradoctor, tho it might be an idea for the paedophile ones who chase catholic choirboys.

  25. JoJo says:

    Soo…. The Goldsmiths farce keeps getting worse. I thought University Degree Courses had entry requirements..? No?? Perhaps scrap academic standards and have a one question entry exam: “Have you ever uttered the phrase ‘Safe space’ with anything other than a voice dripping with scorn and derision?’ A ‘no’ gets you in..

  26. San Bernardino shootings (again, thank you Mo !) : I must say, I was thinking of something completely different when visioning muslima “empowerment” !

  27. Jerry+www says:

    Because of a lack of a clear photo showing her face, the (alleged) woman accomplice in the San Bernadino gun fest was only shown with her hajib covered face in news articles. Having read comic books as a kid, I noticed that she has a strong resemblance to a character in the early Walt Disney Comics and Stories series, one who was called the Phantom Blot. So is this a case of “form follows function”?

  28. hotrats says:

    One thing that can’t be fixed in Islam is the Koran, which is held to be so perfect that not a whisper of criticism or doubt about its ludicrous, contradictory and malevolent content can ever be voiced.

  29. pink+squirrel says:

    the quran being so perfect it only has 1000 or more mistakes and contradictions

    the biggest mistake being that it was written down in the first place



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