The results of the X-factor script writing competition will be announced next week. There were over 100 entries!

Don’t forget, there’s a new J&M book out just in time for Xmas: “Wrong again, God boy“.

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  1. DocAtheist says:

    Oh, Author! I was wondering how you’d get out of that twisted logic, and you made it look obvious! As in, why didn’t I think of that?! Brilliance, that’s why. You have it.

  2. W. Covri says:

    Actually, that’s exactly right. Contrary to popular belief, that claim is not made in the bible (or any other ‘holy scripture’). And even if it were, it would be circular reasoning.

  3. Nassar+Ben+Houdja says:

    The qur’an, violent views
    On infidels, and of course Jews
    It is unquestionably accepted
    By those who’s brains are infected
    And have a few loose screws.

  4. drummer25 says:

    The Christians hold that it’s god’s word, just their god,
    The others all make the same claim.
    So most of them’s lyin’and I’m simply tryin’
    To figure which god’s worth the name.

    Well here’s an idea that might make thing’s clear,
    Since they all say their man’s got more clout:
    Which of them’s willin’ to stop all the killin’,
    And just let the god’s fight it out?

    Whoever refuses admits he’s the loser,
    If none stands, we’d all plainly see:
    Ain’t no god existin’, it’s useless insistin’,
    So let’s all go home and have tea!

  5. You did it again, Author. Started my day with an audible chuckle. Thanks.

    Now that Nassar has mastered verse with the limerick structure, if not quite the meter, the doggerel virus seems to be spreading again. Not sure how I feel about this, but I did enjoy your effort Drummer25. It wold be great if the fundies would leave their god to fight his own battles, instead of jumping in to help the poor weak bastard.

  6. Michael says:

    Ever notice that when someone claims to know the mind of God that God has exactly the same opinions and prejudices as his mouthpiece?

  7. drummer25 says:

    Glad you enjoyed it Darwin. Agreed, a little doggerel goes a long way – it’s been my only comment in four years of reading J&M. But can’t resist a last apposite offering:
    I don’t wish to sound too dogmatic,
    (I’m a limerick format fanatic).
    Though he’s widely admired,
    For his comments inspired,
    Nasser’s scansion is somewhat erratic!

    (I’ll leave quietly)

  8. I ALWAYS wonder how they think they know the holy book is god’s word. It’s seriously puzzling to me, given that we all know how easy it is to write “God said” on a page.

    God said “pastrami on rye, please.” See how easy that was?

  9. Featsofclay says:

    As a Jew, I welcomed the Roman Catholic Church’s confirmation that it no longer seeks to persuade (or use stronger measures than persuasion) Jews to convert to Christianity. As I say, this is welcome, but it does raise the question of how a universalist religion can stand by while some humans have not accepted its doctrines. Here’s how the Vatican explains it:

    “Turning to the vexed question of salvation, the document says: ‘that the Jews are participants in God’s salvation is theologically unquestionable, but how that can be possible without confessing Christ explicitly, is and remains an unfathomable divine mystery’.”

    Pretty convenient. Beats having to figure out how to square the circle. But I’m not criticizing; as a solution, it beats the hell out of the Inquisition.


  10. plainsuch says:

    God says, “Everybody buy me a round.”

    Hey! That is easy.

  11. Red Mann says:

    Ophelia, OMFSM, blasphemy. It’s mariana on al dente pasta! Ramen.

  12. Author says:

    This comic was posted to Reddit, where someone said this:

    “The comments section on this website is outstanding. Do they always respond in verse?!”

    Thanks all. You make me proud.

  13. pink+squirrel says:

    even assuming ‘god’ existed in a form which permitted it to have an opinion
    why should the opinion of a deity be more worthy of respect than that of humans

  14. plainsuch says:

    Smile. It could be verse.

  15. wrinkel42 says:

    And the meniscus is “Little tea pot out there”
    But short and stout

  16. pink+squirrel says:

    why would ‘god’ need anyone to buy her a round – couldn’t she just make her drink appear by ‘wish magic’

  17. plainsuch says:

    god could just sustain their religious institution by magic instead of putting a 10% flat tax tithe on their followers. But god wants nothing but the best for the chief interpreters of the holy texts, and obviously wants somebody else to pay for it.
    Let me add another line to the Big Book, just to clarify god’s inerrant word of course.
    God says, “Everybody buy pink+squirrel a round.”

  18. plainsuch says:

    I have one difinition of opinion here:
    [the belief itself or the expression of a belief] that is held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof
    and another:
    A vague idea in which some confidence is placed

    Can an infallible god have opinions? Isn’t everything in the inerrant text a fact by reason of tautology? It occurs to me that Mo just blasphemed by saying that his god believes things that might not be true.

  19. Mark Everett Sanders says:

    As a Christian, it is good God has a sense of humour or you would be toast.


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