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It’s true!

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Still sad about the death of Hitchens. Best just keep making stupid jokes, I suppose.

Peace and blessings to all J&M readers.

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Keep your mind open, but enforce a strict door policy.


The results of the X-factor script writing competition will be announced next week. There were over 100 entries!

Don’t forget, there’s a new J&M book out just in time for Xmas: “Wrong again, God boy“.

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Flat Earth it is, then.

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Sounds plausible. More on progressive revelation here.

Congratulations to Edward from VA for winning this month’s raffle prize – a signed print of your favorite J&M strip.

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Sounds complicated!

This month’s raffle prize goes to Walt from MN, who gets a signed print and book (it’s a rollover). Congrats!

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Is there a word for that? Possible prize! Edit: more than one word will probably be necessary.