Is there a word for that? Possible prize! Edit: more than one word will probably be necessary.

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  1. Faber says:

    With only one word is complicated…maybe “incestous autoreproduction by painless rape”

  2. Author says:

    That’s a nice try, Faber.

  3. Forteatwo says:

    Yes there is….Jibberish

  4. Oelgaard says:

    Immaculate concupiscence?

  5. Peter N says:

    Nonconsensual self conception?
    Forcible Auto-Procreation (or FAP for short)?

  6. M27Holts says:

    Quantum sex…

  7. Jesus F Iscariot says:

    I’m assuming everyone thought “motherfucker” but we’re prevented by good taste from posting it.

    Another bifurcated-deity comment I like is “What kind of a god would torture and kill his own son?”

  8. Jon Pierson says:

    I believe that it would be necessary to turn to German to get it all into one word.

  9. CliffB says:

    Autoimpregnation, or, given the supposed holy nature of the supposed result here, The Immaculate Autoimpregnation.

  10. CliffB says:

    And, of course, such an autoimpregnation is achieved with the staff of life.

  11. Edward says:

    Autologous Oedipal Birth, perhaps?

  12. Tfkreference says:

    Reminds me of the question, if you have sex with your clone, is it incest or masturbation?

  13. Chiefy says:

    Oedipal self-procreation? I doubt we can find a single word.

  14. Zim says:


  15. Arthur Dent says:


  16. Robert Grossman says:

    The word is UNBELIEVABLE!

  17. Blue says:

    C R I M I N A L

  18. Immaculate Inception

  19. PeterN says:

    In a word: Cuckold

  20. David Powers says:


  21. Qbrainsmith says:


  22. hotrats says:


  23. glenister_m says:

    Google translate gave me “Non igitur liceret quod de mulieri praegnanti matri a te ipso” in Latin, but I would abbreviate it to Autopatripraegnanti.


  24. DSG says:


  25. Vanity Unfair says:

    Robert A. Heinlein: All you zombies: for a review see


  26. Mo says:

    Jump start mum

  27. Hughe wilkinson says:

    There is a complex for that. Look up Jocasta complex (Wikipedia). Basically mother and son having sex. Since Mary’s impregnation was non-consensual, I suggest “jocastape” as the word, a combination of Jocasta and rape.

  28. paradoctor says:

    Forced autopaternity.

  29. paradoctor says:

    Tfkreference: is masturbation homosexual?

  30. Ronsch says:


  31. phil says:

    “Impossible” was what came instantly to my mind.

    This is not spam. Why would it look like spam?

  32. Otternaut says:

    The Rapeture of Christ- the First Coming

  33. Ketil W.Grevstad says:

    I agree with Blue and PeterN

  34. European says:

    I think ouroborosexuality nails (!) it

  35. helenahankart says:

    We need a new word. I propose “Eparfles”. As in, “God Eparflesed himself”
    Why? Because it’s a backwards form of self-rape.
    I’ll see myself out.

  36. postdoggerel says:


  37. Dasm says:


  38. Moulinsart says:

    Gentle Jesus, The Auto-Incestual Rape Bastard.

  39. Laripu says:


    From the Latin root that means lie (mendacium). For a word with that root consider the English word mendacity. The rest of it is the word that means incarnation: incarnation.

    But that’s boring, actually.

    I prefer David Powers’ contribution above. He suggested ‘suigeny’. If I have a vote, I vote for that. Short and apt.

  40. Alverant says:

    Given the ages involved, “statutory rape” describes it well.

  41. Fernando says:

    Immaculate ménage à trois with a twist.

  42. Leonard Robert Darnell says:


  43. tfkreference says:

    Spectralautohusbandry obbligato

  44. A Fan says:

    I really like the Heinlein’s Ouroborosexuality, but I feel like it should not include a second party.
    Maybe autoparasitisexuality, or parasitautoreproduction. Yeah, that one. It removes genetic sexuality from the equation since, to give parentage to oneself, the benefits of sexual reproduction have been removed. It’s closer to a parasitic bacterial or viral replication. Maybe there’s an appropriate word in virology for a case when the virus /doesn’t/ kill the host? (Then again, if Yaweh is all powerful, he could have had Mary live forever, so really he did kill the host)

    /reads wikipedia/

    Ah, there we go: Viral Replication

    And delightfully, it includes a whole host of other connotations. 🙂

  45. glenister_m says:

    Self Immaculation

  46. Shaughn says:

    The word is ‘parthenogenesis’.
    Technically, it shouldn’t occur in human species and if, the product should be female (lacking Y-chromosomes). So Jesus must be genetically a woman.

    Nevertheless, miracles happen:
    “In 1995, Strain and colleagues reported an extraordinary and intricate case of parthenogenetic event resulting in a viable (male) baby, named ‘FD’ … ”

  47. two cents' worth says:

    Maybe the form of assisted reproductive technology used by Yahweh could be called assisted self-cloning. According to the Annunciation story (, Mary agreed to be the surrogate mom.

    A Fan, RCs, who believe in the Virgin Birth, also believe in the Assumption (, so they would say that Yahweh did not kill the host.

  48. M27Holts says:

    If Mary was HOT, Yahweh would have disguised himself as a well hung Centurion and had his wicked way, clearly after selection during a heavy wine session he was sobering up enough to realise she was minging and had to do it with his magic sperm hat or whatever….

  49. A Fan says:

    Ahh. I knew about the assumption, that was sloppy of me. I didnt know about annunciation, thank you .02. I had always seen Mary’s impregnation as tantamount to rape. The annunciation has greater historical support, but the assumption wasn’t defined until 1950 (not sure if that means it was or wasnt beleived earlier).

    While both lytic and lysogenic viral reproduction kill the host cell, this is by indirect effect, (the host cell ruptures open), so perhaps Mary’s death isn’t strictly required since she did rupture open to give birth. The assumption is a great name for Mary’s end. It plays well in english, “well, god’s not a bad guy, we just assumed he took care of her.” Very chic, very “who really cares after she did her job”.

    OoooOoooo… thinking about the power dynamic between Mary and Yahweh, now I want a shirt that says:

    Luke 1:26-38 #MeToo

    It’s a little OT, but man. Until her time Mary only knew of old testament god bein’ all Deuteronomy 6:15. Of course her consent was coerced.

  50. Uncle Roger says:

    Alice’s restaurant comes to mind with “MotherRaper”.


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