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  1. Jonathan Hill says:

    Well, on the bright side he’s probably not facing East, so he won’t go to Islamic Hell. Probably….

  2. dferahgo says:

    Haha! All he’s got is the Koran…. Very subtle.

  3. pandu says:

    Muslims use water, not toilet paper. It’s only in Gitmo that they have to wipe with the Koran.

  4. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Indeed. It was described to me that after using the urinal, they step over to the sink and wash before doing up their pants. This was in Iran.

    I didn’t hear that they used water instead of toilet paper. I don’t want to know the details, thanks.

  5. Jafet says:

    Actually, I wash with water. I think it’s more sanitary (assuming reasonably clean water) as well as less wasteful. Oh, and of course, it’s the divine will of Allah.

  6. James R says:

    Bidets, fair enough, but this allah chap seems a bit odd to me. Are there any good reasons why muslims can’t use toilet paper? (good as in justified beyond because the qu’uaran says so) I understand not eating pork in the middle east, as it’s highly likely to be full of bacteria due to the climate, and the not killing seems pretty reasonable too.

  7. peterNW1 says:


    My loudest laugh out loud so far.

  8. Well James what’s wrong with water? It’s more hygene if anything. You get a proper wash of your ass, rather than just a wipe! LOL…

    It is just the cultures mate. You people over there are used to toilet paper and don’t quite see the point of washing whereas most of the asians are used to water and feel toilet paper is a bit, er…. not so clean, let’s say…

  9. jacques says:

    we asians use paper towel to wipe our asses AFTER the washing with water (and soap)!

  10. wir8 says:

    Writing from Turkey to notify, in Muslim countries, there is a tap next to the toilet seat which activates the little water blasting pipe which targets your -uhmm- dirty back >_>* … After washing it (not throughly, just rinsing of course) with a helping hand, you wipe it with toilet paper.

    Who the hell said that Muslims CAN’T – or are not allowed in this case- use toilet wipes?

    That apparatus can be seen here:

    Also as a side note, its scientifically proved that using only toiled wipes are not really “hygienic”. Look it up, I’ve even came across some suggestions like “Fill up a small sized mustard bottle with water, and carry it around with you in your bags, and use them when in need.” for people who doesn’t know about back-washing.

  11. Chris says:

    Publisher’s notes, copyright notices, blank pages… Mo’s got a clear 4 wipes before he’s really in trouble. Then I guess he picks his least favourite teachings and works up 🙂

  12. C Reese says:

    I’m betting it’s a sin to have the book in the toilets.

  13. Cephas Atheos says:

    I always liked the first surah. It’s beautiful.

    Surah 27, though… That’s wiping material, right there.

    I wonder if poo sticks to the Qur’an or the bible better? Hmm. I have both. Hmmm…


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