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The study by the Templeton Foundation.

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While we’re on the subject, you may have noticed in the sidebar that there is a new volume of cartoons available. Please consider purchasing a copy to help keep J&M going.

Thank you!


An old strip today, retelling an even older joke. New material next week, inshallah.

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Don’t pray.

EDIT: Forgot to mention – 30% off all books at Lulu until Nov 20 when you use the code FLASH30 at checkout. J&M bookshop here.


Thanks to this week’s guest scriptwriter, The Archbishop of Canterbury.

Yesterday was this comic’s 10th birthday, and to celebrate we’re running a little competition (thanks to sparky_shark for the suggestion).

To enter, you just have to write a script for the last panel of a J&M “X-factor” strip:

X-factor competition strip

The script should a line from Jesus, a line from Mo (in any order), plus the off-screen judge if required. Just words, presented like this:
Jesus: Blah
Mo: Blah
Judge: Blah

The best script will win a book of the latest collection of Jesus & Mo strips (Vol 7), plus publication here on the website (anonymously, obvs). There may be runners-up prizes, too.

Send entries entitled “X-factor script” to author[AT]


I don’t know why she bothers.

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Thanks to this weeks co-writer Carmine Sabia, via The Freethinker.

Congratulations to Terry from Sacramento on winning this month’s raffle. Terry gets a signed copy of the latest J&M book.

If you enjoy Jesus & Mo and would like to make a small contribution to its continued existence on this mortal plane, you can do so here:

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Congratulations to Steve from Kent who wins this month’s raffle prize – a signed copy of the latest J&M book, Ha Ha!

You can become a patron of the Jesus & Mo comic here:

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