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  1. Peter L says:

    I’ll have a dozen.

  2. John The Geophysicist says:

    Count me in for a dozen as well.

    Beats using the cat’s arse.

  3. JMo says:

    And just how does one dispose of the waste? Just reminds me of the communion wafers…..

  4. JayBee says:

    This is by far the most offensive thing you have drawn towards Islam, and I just love it!
    I’ll buy a half dozen for me and a half dozen for my sister, thank you

  5. Ernst says:

    There are serious anthropologists who think the common position of worship Muslims adopt precisely originated from a primeval offer of sexual submission.
    So this might just not be a joke at all.

  6. Hobbes says:

    Hmm. This one is loaded with ambiguity. Could be praying, could be mooning Allah, could be submitting for sex, could be a metiphor for “stickin’ it to them.” The common link is, as JayBee says, deep offense. I suppose it’s not any more offensive than the joke about the evidence of the toothbrush having been invented in West Virginia. If it were not, it would have been called a teethbrush.

  7. JoJo says:

    Good point (pun intended). It’s all very well bowing their heads to the East – but how do they feel about presenting their rears to the West..?

  8. John The Geophysicist says:

    Can anyone help me out here please.

    In Mo is reading the “Muslim Scientist” where the headline is “Moon Bisected”.

    Can anyone tell me what this refers to as I failed to get any common sense out of Google.

  9. Hades says:

    Somebody’s got a death wish….

    Brilliant, brilliant!

  10. Jerry w says:

    There’s a rumor going around that when George W. Bush dies, his body will be put in this position and then bronzed.
    I’m just wondering if it’s so his Saudi friends will recognize him, or so that visitors to his tomb will have a place to park their bicycles.
    Either way it’s a win-win deal.
    Jerry W.

  11. Randy says:

    That one is supremely chuckle-worthy. I only wish I used pencils, now.

  12. Matt Oxley says:

    You know, i was thinking more along the lines of Cigarette snuffer

  13. Matt Oxley says:

    @ John the geophysicist…

    i think it refers to Surah 54:1

    54:1 The hour drew nigh and the moon was rent in twain.

  14. John The Geophysicist says:

    Thank you Matt. It does indeed.

    Usual indecipherable nonsense although it was a good joke on Author’s part.

  15. author says:

    John the Geophysicist, check this out.

  16. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Thanks for the image of a couple of million of these things all arranged in rows at Mecca.

    I followed the moon (!) link. Seems that Muslims have the same double think exercises to get through as Jesus’ fleeced followers. Apparently Mo never did miracles, and yet, he did.

  17. OneLess says:

    Wait, is Moses making a value judgment here? What happened to epistemological relativism?

  18. Estesark says:

    You should definitely sell these, I would buy a handful.

  19. Hobbes says:

    This toon is indeed a good test of our ethical parameters. Here’s another one. How about Mo gets even by making a Jesus pencil sharpener. It would Jesus on the cross, with the hole in his side.

  20. Jerry w says:

    On second look at the three of them, all that I could think of was:
    Dreidle, dreidle, dreidle……I made it out of clay……
    (sing along if you know the words)

  21. John The Geophysicist says:

    Thanks Author and Matt.

    A very enlightening video on youtube (removes tongue from cheek).

    Splitting the moon in half is dead easy. I can split it into all sorts of shapes and even make it disappear. Not once but regularly – every month on an extremely predictable basis.

    You can probably guess my view on this based on my blog name so I will spare you the obvious rant.

    All I can say in terms of the consistent quality and intelligence of this strip is “AUTHOR AUTHOR”

  22. Hobbes says:

    The South Park kids do a good job on the Dreidle song. Cute tune.

  23. YHVH says:

    Looks like rug butters are more exposed to be probed by aliens.

    Anyway, it would do a nice mouse as well. Twice better than the Apple – Mighty Mouse, you’ll got 2 scroll balls.
    This is innovative !

  24. John The Geophysicist says:

    Dont tell the author that.

    He will build a business empire on rug butting pencil sharpeners, rug butting mice for rubbishy old Apples and we will not get any more J&M strips.

  25. John The Geophysicist says:

    I assume there are very few God botherers who use this site.

    In fact I assume most of you are of the non-believer variety.

    I just found a website where a young lady delivers some of the most effective tirades against religion I have heard in a long time.

    I would urge any free thinking person not blinded by hokum, mumbo-jumbo, superstition, magic sky fairies and so forth to check out:


  26. John The Geophysicist says:

    Sorry about this remark (but I just have to say it) – she is seriously hot as well.

    Now do you need any more encouragement.

  27. pikeamus says:

    Thanks John, just watched a couple of her videos and I like it so far.

    (and yes she is very pretty).

  28. Poor Richard says:

    Got your attention and held it, though, did she not?

    And she’s right. As Poor Richard says, “Speak up before they stitch your mouth shut.”

  29. daoloth says:

    I could not find one online. Curses! The closest I could get was this:
    I assume that it could be dressed up appropropriately?

  30. ticticboom says:

    The strip is usually worth reading. The comments usually are not. The author has a sense of humor. The commenters think they do. Put a crucifix in a jar of urine and they’ll compare it to the Mona Lisa.

    I used to call myself a Libertarian, until I got to know Libertarians. I used to call myself an atheist, until I got to know atheists. Admittedly, there’s a lot of overlap between the two, especially among the kind of people looking for an excuse for bad behavior. Bill Maher’s probably the best/worst example of that.

  31. grouchy-one says:

    I SOOOOO want one of those pencil sharpeners!!!

  32. Matt Oxley says:

    ticticboom has a point?


  33. Jerry w says:

    In your search for what to call yourself,
    may I suggest pretentious?

    Jerry w

  34. John The Geophysicist says:

    I am sure we would all be very grateful if ticticboom were able to lead by example and display some of his scintillating and coruscating wit.

    If he is at a loss as to how to describe himself might I suggest “wanker”.

  35. Toast in the machine says:

    @John The Geophysicist
    To coin a phrase, LOL.

    And thanks for the Youtube link – she’s very good. And very cute.

  36. ticticboom says:

    Ad hominem attacks. What a surprise.

    As for what I should call myself, is Atheists for Jesus taken?

    @John, piss off sassenach.

  37. Toast in the machine says:

    The strip is usually worth reading. The comments usually are not.
    The author has a sense of humor. The commenters think they do.
    I used to call myself an atheist, until I got to know atheists.
    …there’s a lot of overlap between the two, especially among the kind of people looking for an excuse for bad behavior.

    … and you whinge about ad hominem attacks?
    If you hold the commenters here in such contempt, ignore them and enjoy the cartoons.
    I think the best way you could describe yourself is a troll.

  38. Satantiago says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! Is author gonna sell “Muslim at Prayer” ™ sharpeners on his/her shop? I would buy one right away! And a piggy bank to make him company.

  39. El says:

    Surely it doesn’t matter what other atheists are like – even if you accept the rather sweeping generalisation – the term describes a lack of belief in a deity rather than behaviour.

  40. Dragonmouth says:

    So what are the chances that we’ll actually be seeing these in the J&M store any time soon?

  41. Tumsup says:

    – Could be praying, could be mooning Allah,-
    If you consider that god is everywhere and sees everything, it would be impossible to bend over without mooning him.

  42. TB says:

    That isn’t nice, though I liked every other comics. Sorry author, that was just not good.

  43. louis says:

    i will buy that if it’s ever in the shop…seriously. 🙂

  44. RodgerRafter says:

    It made me laugh because Jesus came up with the idea mostly to piss off Mo. Sodomizing muslims isn’t funny by itself.

    I love how sometimes these guys are buddies (partners in hypocrisy) and sometimes they rag on each other’s religions in this series.

  45. Footsie says:

    😀 I dare someone to actually invent these! Of course, they’d have to flee for safety soon afterward, or risk being killed by angry Muslims, who have even less sense of humor than the Jesus Freaks. I’m sure the Christians aren’t happy about the Baby Jesus butt plugs, but they aren’t threatening to kill people over them, either.

  46. JCfromNC says:

    Of course, they’d have to flee for safety soon afterward, or risk being killed by angry Muslims, who have even less sense of humor than the Jesus Freaks.

    This strip might make a good comeback to any “fatwa envy”-type comments a fundie might make. (I.e., “Oh yeah? Well, you’d never say anything like that about Muslims! You’d be too afraid they’d come after you, unlike us peace-loving Christians.”)

  47. anonymous says:

    Here are some Mo dolls: and here: I don’t think Christians or Jews would go nuts if I sent out pics of Moses or Jesus dolls, do you? The maker of these dolls is risking his life.

  48. Ian Savage says: – IT’S THE BARMAID!!!!!!

  49. fenchurch says:

    @JohntheGeophysisit: yeah, man, you need to stick to mocking ticticboom’s stupid ideas, not his/her stupid self.


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