Did I mention there was a new book available? Can’t remember if I mentioned it or not…

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  1. Rob A says:

    Wow, that’s a great idea, with a crown-of-thorns suction cup to attach Jesus to the tiles next to the sink.

  2. Hades says:

    I’m very inetersted to know who Moses will support – Jesus or Md.

    He’s quite prominant in both religions-known as Musa in Islam.

    This one doesn’t count though.

  3. Joe says:

    wait… tacky figurines of jesus? hasn’t someone already thought of that?

  4. Rich says:

    I reckon Moses shifts dodgy laptops and stuff down at the pub; maybe that’s how he has the readies to finance Jesus. Mind you, if he financed Mo, would it have to be an interest free loan? Usury and all that?

  5. Randy says:

    Excellent! I wonder, can Mo work in a bobblehead to the design?

  6. Colonel Leisure says:

    Please write one about the Atheist Bus Slogans ( I know it would be brilliant!

  7. ticticboom says:

    Right over their heads…

  8. I tried transcribing this, but got conflicting instructions. Above the input form:

    Press return after each line, and put a blank line between each panel (no need to put who’s speaking). That’s it! Thanks again.

    And below the input form:

    Press return after each line of dialogue, and leave a blank line after each panel.
    Format dialogue like Character’s name: What are the haps?
    You don’t have to add “PANEL 1:” labels.

    So should I or should I not include the character names?

    I’ve decided to follow the above-form instructions for now, but I’d like to know for future reference.


  9. Trev says:

    Making fun of islam’s double-standard and penchant for violence never gets old… Rock on, author, and stand back when you open your mailbox.

  10. author says:

    Timothy, thanks very much for transcribing the comic. I really appreciate it. I prefer the character names included, if it’s not too much bother. The purpose of the transcriptions is to make the archive searchable, so if someone searches for “Moses” they will get all the strips he features in, rather than just the ones he’s mentioned in.

  11. JoJo says:

    I like the toothbrush holder Jesus idea… maybe if you push a button on his belly, the toothpaste could be dispensed from his side. The really funny thing is that there would actually be a market for it among the faithful..

  12. Toast in the machine says:

    A searchable index – nice work TRiG. That will be a very Handy Guide – hope it goes without any hitches.

  13. Jerry w says:

    Actually, in the beta model that’s now in the works, the toothpaste flows from his wrists and ankles. This new taste sensation is called “Stigmata”, and it will make the water you rinse your mouth with afterwards taste just like wine.
    Here’s the new sales jingle (still in the works also):
    I don’t care if it rains or freezes,
    ‘Long as I got my plastic Jesus,
    glued up there on the clean part of my mirror,
    Once His robe was snowy white,
    Now it doesn’t look quite so bright –
    drip by drip that bloods a fright,
    You can buy Him in phosphorescent
    Glowing in the dark he’s quite Pleasant,
    And I don’t care when it’s dark or scary
    Long as I have the good old virgin Mary
    sittin’ on the top shelf of my sink.
    I feel I’m sure protected amply
    when I’ve got the whole Holy Family
    Reflected right back at me in that mirror,
    guess I’ll just go out and have beeeeeer.

    Jerry w

  14. Blondie says:

    Toothbrush holders are kidstuff! How about a lightswitch cover with the hole for the switch to poke through in Jesus’ crotch? For the ResErection Light Switch Cover go to, select ‘Miscancellous products’, choose the second page and scroll down.
    Frankly, pencilsharperners are a doozy compared with those lightswitches 🙂

  15. I say you go for Jesus on the Cross scarecrows!…that would be awesome

  16. I tried transcribing the comic because there was a link at the top of the page saying “Transcribe this comic”. It’s gone now. But if I see it again I’ll try it again.


  17. JoJo says:

    Author?? You still there..? Are you alright? Or have you caught the bug that did for me?

  18. author says:

    Yes, still here and alright, thanks. Sorry for not posting. Family circumstances.

  19. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Call me slow.

    So, on perhaps my sixth re-reading, it finally occurs to me that the only difference between mocking Islam and Christianity as far as Moses is concerned, is the threat of violent retribution. His principled arguments notwithstanding.

    Wonder what kind of figurine they’d construct to mock atheists. One made of straw and searching for a soul?

    Humour worth careful thought is the best.

  20. daoloth says:

    Mocking atheists is easy. Just remind us that we allow this crap to go around unchallenged because we think it impolite to assault people’s deeply help sincere beliefs. Like that should matter.

  21. Hobbes says:

    How do you create art mocking evidence based reason? Perhaps Darwin’s head on an apes body, with the pencil hole in the rear? Doesn’t seem to resonate, but I expect it would sell big time in the religious Right community.

  22. Sailor says:

    Cartoonist, your work is great! But no new cartoons in a while. What is up? are you OK?

  23. Hobbes says:

    Hey author, like Sailor, I get a little nervous when we don’t hear from you for a while. Taking a rest, or did you have to leave in a hurry?

  24. I’m waiting for the crucifix toilet scrubber.

  25. Tinkling Think says:

    Hobbes, Charlie-heads on ape bodies were common in some newspapers and pamphlets around the time “Origin” was first published. No one seemed to think of merchandising the idea. I suggest selling a biography of the man to Disney as a movie concept. That way every possible merch-opportunity will be developed.

    Other suggestions:

    Little, animated crosses that rove around the room like roombas, some chanting hymns and changing which hymn is played when the user claps. A lightshow and even lasers could be included in the more expensive models. Perhaps some could even climb walls “magically” to spook the gull… impress the faithful.

    Jesus and Mo’ toilet paper with inspirational quotations from their books and thoughts-for-the-day on each sheet.

    A Jesus-tomb where the rocky bed rotates so the “body” disappears, complete with a separate walking Jesus doll spouting inspiring phrases for verisimilitude. Maybe even a refillable set of stigmata and a supply of “blood”? This set could be infinitely extended to include Doubty Tom, Honest Judas, Poncho-the-Pilot, The Twelve Disciplinarians, Mary with a Mandolin, Joe, Mary, Bobby-Bubba, Richard and Karen, the Carpenters, a blob of fluffy stuff with eyes as Holly the Ghost and thousands of other merchandising opportunities. If sold along with the cast of Meslimm, Hondoo, Norst, Greep, Hedge-chips-in and LSD characters there could even be quests and battles and loads of fun for all. [Errr … can I be cut in for 0.01% for the concept?] [Please?] {Note: The names may be similar to those of some mythical, religious or historical figures but no relationship is intended to any person, deity, urge, titan or horse, real, legendary, sacred or dead.}

    Stolen from dem, dere interwebs: “It’s a good thing Vlad wasn’t involved with Jesus. Could you just imagine a delicate little old nun waving around a Jesus doll with a pained look and a stick up its bum?”

    Hmmm, Jesus-on-a-stick figurines as representations of the saviour from a parallel universe. Merchandising opportunities abound and all free of copyright as neither Vlad nor Jesus are liable to sue.

    Well, he’s probably not going to.

  26. Tinkling Think says:

    Just in case anyone is thinking of blasphemy or sacreligion or something: the toilet rolls would never be used, instead, each sheet would be as it is peeled off, lovingly preserved in a UV-proof, non-acid sleeve ($48.95 for four or £523.78 per seven) and mounted on either a presentation-style wall-mountable case or stored in a magical, random-thought displaying, hymn-humming, illuminated Rolodex ($899.67 (£1238.65 plus V.A.T.) plus tax and postage) to delight, mystify, inspire and edify family and visitors.


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