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  1. Rich says:

    I like it when J and M are in the car – just another funny little quirk that mo’ appears not to be able to see over the steering wheel! And he doesn’t have a rear view mirror.

  2. <once was a radical skeptic

  3. JMo says:

    Why are they driving around in England? I mean I understand Mo but what about the other two?

  4. JoJo says:

    And did those wheels in ancient times
    Roll upon England’s bypass of Cheam?
    And was the Holy Micra of God
    Upon the M25 seen…?

    umm.. maybe not..

  5. John The Geophysicist says:

    Right hand drive car. Guinness in the pub.

    Is it not possible that the sublime Author is British ?

  6. Rich says:

    Of course it’s England – I reckon they live in GODalming! (Warning: this gag may have a limited audience)

  7. Bodach says:

    I love how Moses is such a hippie punk. He never asks about Jesus’ dad, though; was there a falling out?

  8. John The Geophysicist says:


    Any fool knows they live in Jesus College, Cambridge.

    Why do you think they are always reading books.

  9. Rich says:

    I hadn’t considered that (John).

    Bodach, I think Jesus’ Dad was a bit hacked off at Moses when he dropped (and broke) the first set of tablets for the Big 10 – they had to have another go with Moses sat on Sinai for 40 days hangin’ about.

  10. Hobbes says:

    Hmm. Seems to me, though I have no reason to believe the belief over any other belief, that a radical skeptic with bruises on his chin, would be a hypocrite.

    If I believed I had no more reason to believe there was a log in my path than there was not, and I continued to walk into the log in my path, the subsequent bruise I received should have been the validation that the belief in the existence of the log was more justified than the belief that it did not exist. Thus, if I continue to believe there was no justification to believe the log was there, then I would be a hypocrite? Isn’t this objectivity over subjectivity?

    Are we sure Moses is correct? Is there any reason to believe either way? (scream!)

    The unexamined belief cannot be believed any more than the examined one?

  11. Johnnie says:

    Ahh … we finally get to see what Mo does for a living. I wonder if he’s got the meter running.

  12. Godalming was the home of the radio operator of the Titanic.

  13. Art says:

    I don’t think your use of “show me an x and I’ll show you a y” is being used correctly. The idea is that the x and y are the same (i.e. the x you showed me is the y I’ll show you). If your sceptic didn’t have bruises on their shins, then they aren’t necessarily a hypocrite. But I’ll cop to being a pedant…

  14. pikeamus says:

    Ok, its taken me three days of very low productivity (both at home and at work) but I have finally managed to read every comic. I also read around 95% of the comments and around 50% of the pages linked to by both the author and other readers (indeed I’ve also added a couple of new blogs to my daily internets).

    Just wanted to say a big thank you. Firstly to the author, this is an exceptional comic that manages to be consistently both hilarious and thought provoking and I expect to be jonsing for another hit very soon. Also, thanks to all the other readers who’ve had such interesting debates and discussions in the comments section. Theology and ethics are two areas in which I have basically no formal education so it has been most enlightening, hopefully as I begin to learn more I’ll be able to start contributing to the discussion.

    Now I have to go to bed. Tomorrow I might actually get some work done.

  15. Trevor says:

    Reminds me of an elderly couple taking a sunday drive. The husband, hunched over the wheel, creeping along as I swear and rev my engine behind them. His wife, perhaps a little younger, but still a q-tip sitting stately at his side. Perhaps their grandkid is in town and sitting in the back, praying they arrive in once piece…

    No, this post doesn’t have a point.

  16. Paper Hand says:

    I think that is the correct usage. Moses is saying that a radical skeptic without bruises on his shins is clearly behaving in a matter that indicates that he does, in fact, believe that physical objects exist. If he believes that there is no reason to believe that physical objects do exist, then why does he avoid walking into them? The lack of bruises shows that he is NOT radically skeptical about *everything*. He does accept the evidence of his senses.

  17. Paper Hand says:

    That was directed towards the comment by Art two comments above mine.

  18. Jobrag says:

    What does the fact that neither Jesus or Mo is wearing a seatbelt mean?
    If Jesus knows that they are not going to crash, what happened to free will?
    Is Mo serenely confident that Allah won’t call him till his time is up?
    Is Moses wearing a belt I can’t tell.

  19. Art says:

    Paper Hand – Ah, yes, I can see that interpretation now that it is spelled out for me. Thanks.

  20. rcw says:

    Jobrag… Seat belts are unnecessary for this crew.
    Each is his own air bag.

  21. Hobbes says:

    Another thanks to Paper Hand. Answered my question as well.

    However, it seems it would work both ways. If he had bruises on his shins, and still refuses to acknowledge the existence of solid objects, then wouldn’t he still be a hypocrite? Or would that make him just a liar?

  22. Jakob says:


    He wouldn’t be a hypocrite – just wrong. He could claim not to believe the bruises exist.

  23. gazza says:

    I wonder if Mo can get a special discount on his petrol (gas) from his people in the Middle East? It is so expensive at present – though maybe Jesus can also conjure some up from water. Well if he can do wine then petrol should be a doddle.

  24. Hobbes says:

    Yeah, Jakob, I figured my last thought, that he would just be a liar, was correct.

  25. Leslie says:

    I guess that means scientists are all skeptics, because they never can completely prove a theory. I guess in chemistry we should be learning skeptichiometry not stoichiometry then?

    Anyway, I just discovered your comic and I like it. Excellent, another webcomic to read.

  26. lesh says:

    The usual mistake. Bumping into things and being bruised by them does not suddenly prove the theory false.

  27. JiveKitty says:

    One can rely on their senses while still not believing them. They may just be the best thing to go on at the given time.

  28. gratch says:

    Ha ha ha! I just followed a link here from Pharyngula and I’ve been reading the whole archive. I love this one. Mo doesn’t need to see because Jesus is co – pilot.


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