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Thanks to Baroness Warsi for inspiring today’s (and last Friday’s) strip.


An old one from March 2007.


Holy Moses, what an Islamophobe.

Inspired by the Bristol University Christian Union story.


Free the Bangladeshi bloggers!

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Been picking on Islam a lot recently. Probably a result of spending too much time on Twitter. Better start sticking it to Jesus again soon, before someone calls me an Islamophobe.


This will be obscure to you if you don’t know the backstory. Last night, Channel 4 News did a piece on the Maajid Nawaz/J&M controversy. They showed the comic, but censored Mo – thus playing to the worst stereotype of Muslims as violent fanatics, pushing liberal Muslims “further into a ditch” (Nawaz), betraying the principles of journalism in a democracy, and providing fuel for true anti-Muslim bigots.

Nice work, Channel 4 News.


You can read the backstory and inspiration for this one here.

PATRON NEWS. All the patrons who pledged $10 or more per month, and who told me which comic they’d like printed, had their prints sent out in the post yesterday. A large number of you haven’t yet said which print you’d like signed and sent, which is a bit worrying. Are you not getting the messages from Patreon? Maybe you should check your spam folder?

This month’s raffle prize, for patrons of $4 and over per month, is a signed personalised copy of Vol 4 – Big Al. The draw will be on 1st of August. Good luck!


Poor pigeon.


It isn’t funny because it’s true.


Thanks to Mehdi Hasan for this week’s strip.