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Jesus and Mo will be back on 20th Feb.

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A placeholder, until the next strip.

UPDATE: For those requesting a t-shirt, here is a hi-res version of the image so you can print your own.

UPDATE2: A kind reader called Dan has made a better hi-res image for you to use if you prefer:

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Now lets go down the pub and spook the barmaid.


Charlie Hebdo made an appearance in J&M eight years ago. Time to resurrect an old joke.

The editor was acquitted.

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It isn’t funny because it’s true.


Forgot to mention, there’s 25% off all print books at the J&M Lulu Shop with the code


until 30 April.




The winner of this month’s raffle prize (a signed print) is Ralph from MA.


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Here’s today’s Charlie Hebdo cover in its full glory:

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Actors’ statement.

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In solidarity with Charlie Hebdo today, as the trial of 14 alleged accomplices to the attack of 7 January 2015.

And congratulations to Roland from Sweden who wins this month’s raffle prize!

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