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An old one from 8 years ago.

We’ve improved the layout for those of you who view J&M on mobile devices. Hope you like it.


Story here.

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Them’s the rules!

This is a nine-year-old fart joke.


Congrats to Ricky from Colorado on winning this month’s raffle prize – a signed copy of the most recent J&M book.

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Congrats to Kath from Telford for winning this month’s raffle. She gets a signed, dedicated copy of the latest J&M book.

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This was inspired by an old tweet by Damo.

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You know it makes sense.

Congratulations to this month’s raffle prizewinner, Michael from Illinois. He wins a signed copy of Wrong again, God boy.

As Jesus & Mo approaches its 13th birthday, please consider throwing a little financial encouragement our way each month by becoming a Patron. Apart from anything else, it makes Imran Khan mad:

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Also, what is “moderate” about believing so strongly in something which is almost certainly not true?