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NSS=National Secular Society, which, if you are in the UK, you should probably join. Even if they don’t realise God isn’t a secularist.


Many thanks to this week’s guest script writer, Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. And a big hello to all J&M’s Danish readers.


This week’s prompted by Dominic Grieve.

Congrats to Patrick in the UK who wins this month’s raffle prize of a signed copy of the 1st volume of J&M strips, “Where’s the Soap?” Congrats!


You didn’t see that one coming, did you?

Here’s the story behind this week’s strip.


UPDATE (July 12, 2019): The previous estimate of the C of E’s wealth was an understatement ah 8.3 billion. That was just investments. The National Secular Society has a more realistic breakdown here.

Maybe you should, Mo. Maybe you should.

This strip based on a story from last year. C of E’s financial status based on this.

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Congrats to James from WA who wins this month’s belated raffle prize – a signed print of his choice.

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What, these ones?

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Communication breakdown.