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  1. Congo Dave says:

    Arf! I hope the new irony meter is a regular fixture. I enjoy seeing cogs strewn aforth in the name of religion.
    Really great cartoon. I have the first 3 books. Time to get the 4th, then……

  2. Simon Bishop says:

    Spoing is now my favourite word. I wonder how I can drop it casually into conversation?

  3. JayBee says:

    I am sure Barmaid’s irony meter scored higher than Mo’s till it broke.

  4. Andrea says:

    The barmaid’s irony is probably calibrated higher. She has to put up with those two on a regular basis. It’d have to be a lot more robust than average irony meters.

  5. JMo says:

    Of course its the Muslim Meter that broke we’ve known that their engineering skills are far below that of English/European engineering abilities. Which would explain why Jesus’ and the Barmaids’ are still working properly……Now can anyone tell me how to get my avatar to appear beside my comments (not the geek I thought I was)

  6. Dick M says:

    JMO, you would like my avatar if you could see it. If you find out how to make yours appear, let me know.

  7. Poor Richard says:

    It shocked and saddened me years ago to discover not everyone has an irony meter. To think of being taken seriously at all times…. Moreover, the talent to detect the irony one generates diminishes in correspondence with a rise in power.

    Didn’t Bill Watterson show us that scientific progress goes “sproing”? “Boing”?
    “Boink”? Maybe scientific regress goes “Spoing–kaboom!”

    Gravatar thinks “Poor Richard” is already in use elsewhere. Odd. I want a picture of Ben Franklin! A C-note will do.

    Great cartoon sequence: come to think of it, “Jesus and Mo” IS a perfectly
    designed irony meter.

  8. Rich says:

    Agreed, Simon – what a great word! Spoing Spoing Spoing Spoing!

  9. JMo says:

    Author (bowing respectfully) I have been there signed up uploaded my image and here I am looking like a gray and white, neophite……If only I could show my true colors….

  10. grouchy-one says:


  11. daoloth says:

    Where has “A Christian” gone? I miss them. I am sure that there are any number of magic sky fairy avatars out there for her/his use

  12. jaybee1988 says:

    checking if the gravatar thingie’s working :S

  13. JohnnieCanuck says:

    And here I thought word of the author’s marvellous work had not spread very far, based on the lack of deluded commenters, mostly.

    That IsItFunny site puts JesusandMo at #13.

  14. Matt Oxley says:

    do they have irony meters in their pants? or does it just look that way?

  15. Oddtwang says:

    Can you think of a more ironic place for those two to keep it?

  16. Jerry w says:

    Irony meters have too much carbon, so if you remove most of it they become steely meters. Ummmm, stronger…..
    Unless that sounds a bit too much like some porno movie rating device…..
    It probably won’t work on Brits though, I think they’re still using wood in their boats and perhaps other personal items.

  17. Trev says:

    The best cartoons are the ones on recent events. They make the brain baby kick just that much harder.

  18. Dick M says:

    Trying once again with a different gravatar. The other one would not work here.

  19. JohnnieCanuck says:

    I’m guessing there is little or no Iron in those E-meters the Scientologists use to scam themselves. Instead of producing random readings as designed, they’d become useless on the first ‘audit’.

  20. I’d just worked out how to get an avatar, and now everyone has them. I’m not special anymore! Wah!

    (Well, I say I worked it out. I mean I noticed the “Get an avatar” link.)

    Nice to see you’ve implemented the identicon option. Makes the place far more colourful than the grey default image you used to have.


  21. Simon Bishop says:

    I just googled “spoing” and discovered that (according to the Urban Dictionary), it is a synonym for “fellatio”. Maybe I should stop looking for ways of dropping it casually into conversation.

  22. Penwrench says:

    I laughed pretty hard at this.

  23. Dick M says:

    I alone remain unavatarable. (Sob!)

  24. JohnnieCanuck says:

    What do you mean, Dick? It’s clear to me that your avatar is a polar bear. It’s just that the picture was taken well above the arctic circle and about this time of year.

    Happy Winter Solstice to you.

  25. One of them Christies! says:

    A Wild Christian Appears! One Roman-Catholic (the one TRUE faith) present and accounted for.

    I wonder, does Moses’ irony meter decide not to work because that would be unfairly imposing it’s own interpretation of reality on others? I gotta say, I just recently found this, and I can’t stop reading it. Blasphemously hilarious is about the best I can describe it. Worthy of a good stoning or two 😀 I wonder how many religious people read this? It would certainly help deflate a few pretentious egos.

    Happy (unspecified temporal moment) season to all!
    (In my case, Jesus’ fake b-day, Christmas!)

  26. confused says:

    One of them whatsits… I think your irony meter has imploded and damaged your faithometer

  27. Jerry w says:

    Dear Simon Bishop,
    Don’t stop dropping “spoing” casually into a conversation, but you might want to be a little choosy on who your company is when you use it. Or, abuse it, as it were.
    Side note, my avatar is working. Spoing!!!
    Jerry w

  28. One of them Christies! says:

    Well, I think in my case faith doesn’t mean not doubting my own religion or making fun of it. Plus, most of my friends are atheist, so I get a full dose of the mockery every day anyways! On the plus side, this has significantly improved the quality of my irony meter!

  29. JoJo says:

    Why doesn’t “A Christian” get back in the onversation so I can invite him to Spoing me??

  30. Don says:

    @Simon Bishop

    How about turning the onomatopoeia into an adjective? “That movie was SPOING!”

  31. Robyn says:

    @ One of them Christies
    You are the first christian I’ve ever encountered online that I actually respect.
    I hope there are more of you 🙂

  32. JoJo says:

    Also @ One of them Christies
    Mo is Mohammed, not Moses. Moses pops up from time to time. Check the archives, it’s well worth it… 🙂

  33. Dick M says:

    Thanks for your explanation. I feel much better now.
    Dick M

  34. Simon Bishop says:

    @One of them Christies

    Don’t check the archives as JoJo suggested … buy the books!

  35. Dick M says:

    Chee! I just checked back and my gravatar is up. I did nothing else to make it appear. And the old black squares are gone from my earlier posts too.Maybe Jesus and Mo did it for me?

  36. One of them Christies! says:

    @ JoJo
    I’m well aware that Mo is Mohammed – I was simply pondering the existence of more irony meters, like for Moses. Considering Moses adheres to a sort of moral relativism, it would be kind of hard for him to see irony, because he’d feel that he was imposing his own interpretation on the world.

    @ Simon Bishop

    Way ahead of you!

  37. author says:

    One of them Christies wrote:

    I wonder how many religious people read this?

    I have no idea. But I know from correspondence that among the regular readers there is at least one nun, a Muslim Asst Prof of Religion, and a Benedictine monk.

  38. happy says:

    Sounds like the start of a really good joke. One nun, a Muslim Asst Prof of Religion, and a Benedictine monk walk into a bar…

  39. grouchy-one says:

    … and the nun says “I’ll have a benedictine on the rocks”

  40. Hobbes says:

    Oh yes, ignore the irony. Willful ignorance is the stock in trade.

  41. […] disenfranchised that they are fighting the big corporations and the lobbyist in Washington.   The irony meter goes spoing again.  Suddenly all scientists do NOT agree about anthropogenic climate change.  The […]

  42. Walter says:

    Can’t use an irony meter in discussing religion. Must use an UNobtainium meter.

    A baby harp seal walks into a bar.
    The barkeep ask what he will have.
    “Anything but Canadian Club on the rocks.”


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