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A resurrection from 2008 today. Currently in Copenhagen, where they’ve been having a bit of trouble with people who think they really do know the truth.

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A Danish translation of the best early J&M strips was launched last week. The first printing sold out within days, and there’s a second run coming out on 3¬†March. Pre-order¬†your copy here.


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Flat Earth it is, then.

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Many thanks to this week’s guest scriptwriters, Dr Elaine Starkey and Sarah de Nordwall, who provided us with such eloquent explanations of religious belief in last week’s The Big Questions (fun begins about 12.30 minute mark). Note that they are not answering the charge of wishful thinking, as the boys are in this strip – they are just confessing to it shamelessly.


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Don’t ask.

The winner of this month’s raffle prize is K.D. from Tulsa, who gets a signed print of his/her choice. Congratulations K.D.!

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Still recovering from Xmas excess, so here’s an old one from 2007.


It runs deep.


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