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  1. Sparky_Shark says:

    Author, again. You’re not making me laugh, you’re making me grunt with resigned appreciation of what you’re making painfully clear. C’mon man! I need a chuckle on a Wednesday! Enough with the mirror-holding, hope-the-idiots-see-the-light type stuff. Bring the funny already!

    (I am and remain, a dedicated and loyal reader) 🙂

  2. Jack Reacher says:

    It’s always funny when idiots say stupid – I didn’t spew coffee on my keyboard, a mild guffaw at the very least.

  3. Trevor M says:

    It takes a strange/warped sense of humour to appreciate the absurdities

    Sometimes WTF is a more appropriate(?) response

  4. Oozoid says:

    This is one of the best ever. If I’d been drinking anything it would definitely have been spewed.

  5. WCorvi says:

    I had a friend who told me that the Shroud of Turin was the absolute proof of the truth. But a year later, when the Shroud was shown to be medieval in age, he said he didn’t NEED the Shroud, as the story had already been proven. This friend called himself a scientist, too. This sort of thing really happens, a lot more than one would like to believe.

  6. Matt says:

    Nicely illustrates the slipperiness of those slippery evangelicals. It may or may not be laugh-out-loud funny, but it is true. And truth is what will defeat the influential morons of religion. Which is what we all want, no? Keep up the good work.

  7. Someone says:

    Evidently they don’t know what evidence means. Neither do most of their followers, really.

  8. pink squirrel says:

    A circular argument is no less circular for being so large that the curvature is imperceptible

  9. pink squirrel says:

    oh and since when were William Lane Craig and other creationists, seekers of truth?
    Dogma about imaginary fantasy is not truth.

    what Mo seems to be saying in panel two is that it would be acceptable to take any book written, declare it true, take the text in that book as evidence of that book’s truth and then decide that further evidence is inadmissible

    Tolkein’s Simarillion also contains a creation myth – should we believe that book too?

  10. steeve says:

    Silmarillion didn’t happen? Does this mean hobbits aren’t real either?

  11. Nassar Ben Houdja says:

    Any “truth” can be put in a book
    Written by some crazy schnook
    Like the insanity pf islam
    Written in the qur’an
    Must be true, it is written, take a look.

  12. Dr John de Wipper says:

    Certainly muslims don’t understand circles or circular reasoning.
    Otherwise, they would know that praying to Mecca implies moonimg Mecca…
    But then, according to Koran the earth is flat, so the my argument must be moot.

  13. pink squirrel says:

    Only in New Zealand Steeve – where future archaeologists will unearth evidence of a hobbit hole

  14. pink squirrel says:

    Very true Dr John – also have to wonder what muslims do at the antipodes of Mecca – or do they stand on their heads?
    Although judging by the rate the saudi wahabbis are destroying the heritage of mecca – can it be long before they bulldoze away the Kaaba as idolatorous

  15. DocAtheist says:

    Wow, Author. This one illustrated quite the Deepity….

  16. Thanks, again, Author, for so clearly illuminating the thought processes of those who don’t know what thinking is.

    NBH, this is one of your best. You nailed it, lad.

  17. Graham ASH-PORTER says:

    How about religion’s scaring people with death, even Hitch has suffered the Religious lying about his deathbed doubts!

  18. Someone says:

    For those who like Cyanide and Happiness, a video that hits the nail on the head:

  19. pink squirrel says:

    For muslim space travellers it would go further than just mooning Mecca, as they would need a sort of giant gyroscopic body harness that could spin freely along all three axa, in order to keep their head facing Mecca

  20. pink squirrel says:

    Even if muslims remain earthbound, they have the problem that the planet is spherical , so by rights they should worship on a tilting platform in order to allow them to face directly along the chord – the angle of the platform increasing the further the muslim is from Mecca.

  21. Dr John de Wipper says:

    It can work two ways; by although not exactly scaring to death, giving them a little taste of what they undoubtedly experienced as hell.
    Way back when my father was a greenhouse flower grower. He was raised thoroughly RC, and at marriage had promised to do the same to us. Although he was very doubtful at that time (or more than that), he felt he had to keep his promise, so we children were “properly catholisized”. One hot summer day we were doing light work inside a greenhouse. Temperature some 35-40 C, humidity 80-85%. We were all rather used to it, and if you are lightly dressed and keep drinking enough to be sweating profusely it was no big deal.
    Come along 3 JW’s, in full costume, to spread “the happy message”. My mother had a distinct dislike for “everything preaching”, and instandly decided to have some “fun”. Playing the dumb, docile wifey, she told them to talk to my father, and if they convinced him, of course she would follow.
    Into the greenhouse came 3 people, NOT accustomed to such climate, fully clad, tie and all. My father glanced at my 2 brothers and me and made a quick motion of drinking, shaking his head. We were all game! We kept them there for well over an hour, and when they finally excaped, we made up for the moisture even we were lacking.
    They must have had even then a way of marking us hopeless, because that was the last time they EVER bothered us again!
    Shortly after this I declared to my father that I formally quit catholicism. Within a year my sister and all my brothers followed.
    To the last one he said: “Thank you so much. I promised to raise you good RC, and I did my best on it. You all quit, so I consider myself released of my promise. No I can quit with a clean conscience myself.” Ever since when he spoke of religious people or institutions it was in non-too-friendly terms. The only time in the next 30 years of his life he attended a religous event was the burial of his nephew.

  22. Dr John de Wipper says:

    Why do I not see any new postings?

  23. pink squirrel says:

    because people have stopped writing them for reasons known only to themselves

  24. Dr John de Wipper says:

    Tnx, PS.
    It actually was more of a test that there was no issue on my side.

  25. pink squirrel says:

    it might also be because they open the page – see that the comment count has not increased and don’t open it further

  26. Dr John de Wipper says:

    After re-reading my JW story, I feel I should point out we kept them there by discussing inconsisting issues in their story, NOT by any other means!
    And “excaped” may look funnier than “escaped”, but really was a mere typo.

  27. pink squirrel says:

    would making people excessively exude water rather than excessively intake it
    count as inverse water boarding?

    did you include the child in the greenhouse ordeal – cos the jw’s always seem to have a young child in tow

  28. Dr John de Wipper says:

    If my memory (and age-estimating capabilitiy) is to be trusted after all this time, they were a ca midlife male & female and a yougster about my own age or little over (17-20ish)


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