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  1. TaoAndZen says:

    Love it. How about a guest appearance from Quetzlcoatl. Or perhaps Bertrand Russel’s celestial teapot.

  2. louis says:

    i love the treasure trail on ganesh! nice addition. most statues are missing that.

  3. Felonius says:

    Forewarned is forearmed, and four is an odd number of arms to have… Four is an even number. the only number that’s both even & odd is infinity, therefore: Ganesh has an infinite number of arms…

  4. Suyog Athavale says:

    You have defamed the Lord Ganesha who is prayed by Billions oh Hindus worldwide. You do not have any right to defame God of Hindus. I strongly protest against this & I want you to remove this picture from this website.

  5. Daniel says:

    Watch out, author. Those elephants never forget.

    It always amazes me. There are actually people who think — what? that there’s some elephant walking around with lots of arms who can do magical things. Like literally.

    A magical man strains credulity, but an elephant? Breaks it.

  6. Kunal says:

    I am an athiest myself but i like to read about hindu philosophy,, I find it sort of poetic..

    Some sources [i believe vedic] allege that Ganapati is the ruler of all Gan’s or sets, groupings etc. As in he is the creator of all sets [the mathematical ones] and groups and assembleges..

    Modern Hindus of course worship him because he is supposed to make you rich. 🙂

  7. Ben says:

    I’ve also heard that he’s helpful with computers. I might add him as a wallpaper even though I’m not Hindu.
    As far as Suyog’s comment goes, I didn’t know that Hindus got offended that easily. No one has yet complained about Jesus’s comment that the “walking on water” thing was made up.

  8. Ranga says:

    Old cartoon, but saw it late … great.

    Suyog, get a heart … this is just a cartoon and so is ganesh … you also need to visit temples in India to see worse mockery of the god you so cherish.

  9. naja says:

    Guys, you are taking this comic too seriously. Especially Suyog.
    As a Hindu 2.0 lite, I’ve always interpreted Hinduism as something symbolic, not…literal. So Daniel, “like literally”, most Hindus don’t really believe there is actual actual half-elephant half-man performing miracles. That sounded kind of ignorant, hence why I refrain from talking about religions that I’m not familiar with.
    In order to parody the subject, most of the time it ends up having to be exaggerated anyway, so you can’t take the message of this comic “literally” either.
    Good job, as always though. 🙂 This is almost as good as ‘Life of Brian’. 😀

  10. Smits says:

    grt one…i am greater believer in religion and mythology, certainly more entertaining than movies…and i am a hindu, so lemme tell the ones who dont know how ganesh ended up with a trunk…ganesh’s mother (the goddess Parvati) was taking a bath so she told him to not let anyone enter, his father (the god Shiva, yeah the destroyer) tried to enter and Ganesh stopped him so he cut off his son’s head…and then when Parvati threw a major tantrum so shiva replanted his son’s head with an elephant…isnt mythology amazing funny…imagine the technology which existed before we mortals came into this existential dimension… 😉
    so lets hail to religion and mythology for providing comic relief in times of stress…cheers to blasphemy…to the people who believe in their religion with their eyes shut…people, its your problem, dont dump it on the rest of the world…

  11. fenchurch says:

    Sort of like how Jerry’s dentist converted to Judaism to be able to tell Jewish jokes, *everyone* is entitled to tell Hindu jokes.
    Apparently, as per Hindu doctrine, we are all born as Hindu and no matter what god is prayed to (or where atheist wishes go), it’s always a Hindu god that answers that “prayer”.

    And let me tell you, when I first heard that, a Shiva ran down my spine!

  12. sdff says:

    What i don’t understand is why the hell you have to target religious groups such as Hindus and Hinduism that haven’t preached anything but peace towards other religions. Hinduism even concludes atheism as a valid path – its part of the belief not just to appease atheists but because atheism is genuinely a valid path as well in the religion. Why then do you have to target groups that don’t do anything to you (there are exceptions to this tolerance among some extremists who don’t get the religion in the first place but they aren’t even slightly as dangerous as the attitude towards atheists of other faiths – and to reiterate it is quick to correct these folk when you simply point out that hurting atheists is wrong) Why the hell are you targetting groups that haven’t done anything to you or those who share your ideas? Satire is one thing – its often a response to certain events or situations, and then unprecedented attacks are another.

    Do you even know 1 thing about Ganesh’s story before you tastelessly attack his form? You seem to have researched a lot about Christianity, Islam, Jesus and Mohammad. How are you any different from hateful religious people who started this war against atheism first? Do you have any valid thoughtful reasons for targetting hinduism or you do or do you simply want to glorify bullying?

    Did you even study eastern religions to just condemn it along the same lines as abrahamic religions?

  13. sdff says:

    and fenchurch that is so ridiculously incorrect, no hindu texts ever have claimed that. Read up before you speak up on a forum

  14. Joxer says:

    I read Suyog as sarcasm/humour. I read sdff as dumb as a log.

  15. Nupur says:

    Hindus are tolerant don’t worry. Just you misrepresented Ganesh. Within Hindu mythology he is ragged by fellow Gods for being fat. But he never says stuff like there will be consequences. He is God of Wisdom and tolerance. His brother Kartik..now that’s a God you don’t wanna piss off. Kartik will threaten you with consequences.


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