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  1. Robin Moore says:

    Happy Hundred, fellows!!! May there be many more. Robin

  2. Sylvia says:

    Congratulations! Party on!

  3. Iago says:

    Happy 100th! Keep on the good work.

  4. Hobbes says:

    I agree. YeeeeHaaa! This could actually become a . . . err . . . cult?

    I’d love to know how many subscribers there are. I’d also love to read some of the hate-mail. Of course, I’d go nuts wanting to reply to them.

  5. mersenne says:

    one of the few strips i never miss, excellent humor all the time.. big big hugs

  6. BtVSJMlol says:

    happy 100th birthday bit late as im speaking from 2013 but lol and yeah…anyway…

  7. Bones'sDog says:

    Apart from the nice Barmaid and Moses, who do the lads know? Who was speaking?
    Do we finally have evidence for Part Three of Jesse, the Invisible Aspect?

  8. Tinkling Think says:

    Dear Doggie, was it not obvious that the last panel took place at the pub on a later date, after the party and that the extra, unseen speaker was their pal, Barmaid? No spookies need apply.

    As far as people they know go, they have Thor, Ganesh, the Humble Joe Smith and a couple of other guys in addition to Mo-2 and Barmaid. Mr. Smith was probably busy being a god. Thor was unlikely to have been anything other than a god, so he would have been busy, too, and Ganesh over-gods tens and hundreds of millions of people so he’s unlikely to ever have time off.

    Jesus, as you point out, does have Dissociative Identity Disorder pals who could have turned up but Daddy and Spooky rarely seem to. His mummy, of course, is very busy doing guest appearances in buns, toast, grottos and shopping centres but one would have thought that she could have set aside a few minutes for her little boy.

    Though, as his siblings never turned up, maybe he’s the outcast of the family?

    It is strange that none of the pantheon of saints, Satans and other angels came to his do; one would have thought that the prospect of free beers would have attracted at least a few.

    Perhaps no one likes young preachy boy?

    I know no one turns up for my parties for that very reason. 🙁 Maybe we have something in common after all?

  9. Tinkling Think says:

    There is, of course, the interesting thought that J&M were lucky not to have held their party 14-odd years later as today’s world frowns upon gatherings of greater than one person.

    Which would make Jesus’s trilobed, tripartite triumvirate a little problematic.

    I wonder whether any of us will be around in another 14 years to make a snarky but funny riposte to that?


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