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  1. Don says:

    Jesus and Mo should be in every newspaper on the planet.

    That simple ‘No’ says so much.

  2. Ryan says:

    I’ve had a complaint about your strip………there’s no Moses! Please get Moses to say hi so this dude will stfu.

  3. louis says:

    i second carolita’s comment.

  4. Gel says:

    This is brilliant – where is this strip to be found? Or is it yours? It’s the best.

  5. nat says:

    so great !

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  7. Fab says:

    Great one.

  8. Megan says:

    Best. Comic. Ever. You seriously need to start running in newspapers.

  9. felix says:

    I’ve just found this awesome site and have been reading through the comics, this is my favorite so far. Don’s right, the “no” says it all.

  10. Drakim says:

    Simply freaking brilliant. Just brilliant.

  11. Sam says:

    I want to say how brilliant this is, but this has been said by previous posters. And yet, I cannot prevent myself.

  12. Liza says:

    any chance you could post html codes so we can put them up and share your brilliant strip with the world?

  13. Andrea says:

    These cartoons should be used in RE lessons in schools – that would show the kids what “perspective” is all about! Keep em coming!

  14. […] ateo”. Siempre que escucho “fundamentalista ateo” me acuerdo de esta tira cómica. Y creo que no hace falta añadir nada más a ese “no” […]

  15. Tom S. Fox says:

    Was there really an episode of South Park making fun of atheism?

  16. Paper Hand says:

    Yes, there was. It was particularly stupid, portraying atheists as fundamentalists, worshiping Dawkins as a prophet or something. Cartman travels into the future to find different “atheist sects” fighting each other over the issue of who the “true atheists” are. You know, just like religions

  17. Max says:

    I need to see that.

  18. fenchurch says:

    Ooh, that reminds me: I’m late to meet with my hobby group for people who do not collect stamps. TTFN!

  19. Matt says:

    This is the best one ever!

  20. BtVSJMlol says:

    This one is my favourite so far along with skin and I’d like to say that whilst some could be taken as offensive this one highlights how sometimes any views can become irrational.
    And yes, the “no”says it all.

  21. Seán McGouran says:

    If we all repudiate ‘religion’ we’ll all live happily ever after…


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