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Another oldie today.

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I’m sure there’s a perfectly natural explanation.


Here’s an old one from 2007. New one next week, I hope.

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An old one today, from 2007.

Did you see Darwin Harmless’s great song, “Don’t be Divisive”, inspired by last week’s strip? Watch it here on YouTube. Warning: it’s catchy.

For those patrons still awaiting their clerihews, signed prints, and other rewards – I haven’t forgotten you! Clerihews are taking up quite a bit of time, but I’m about 75% of the way through them now. Once they’re done, I’ll concentrate on getting all the other rewards out. Thank you for your patience.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that this month’s raffle winner is another Australian! Congrats, James, you win a signed copy of Born Again.

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This week’s prompted by Dominic Grieve.

Congrats to Patrick in the UK who wins this month’s raffle prize of a signed copy of the 1st volume of J&M strips, “Where’s the Soap?” Congrats!


The boys are disturbed by this article.

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Is that a punchline? It’s hard to tell.


Based on an old story from 2013.


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Thanks to Parrot132 and a hat tip to @motheatheist.