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Apologies to the long-time readers who saw this one back in 2008. Real-world work is taking up all my energy at the moment. Will try to make a fresh strip next week.

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It is a matter of some pride to me that, at the time of writing, the original version of this comic is the top result in a Google search for “Jesus horse porn”.

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1. Everything that begins to exist has a cause.
2. This comic began to exist.
3. Therefore this comic has a cause.
4. You must buy a book.

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It’s the logical thing to do.

UPDATE: Kenan Malik riffs on the philosophical background to this strip in God, the universe and a bacon sarnie.


Many thanks to Alain de Botton for helping with today’s script.


Here’s an unscheduled resurrection to test the new RSS feed. Is the image still not showing up? Anyone know what’s going on?


Busy today, so here’s one from 6 years or so ago.

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Hat tip to The Thinking Atheist.

UPDATE: A minute after this was posted, this story appeared in my Twitter Banglalore’s Barwomen Ordered to Wear Decent Clothes.


Bonus article by Steven Pinker: Science is Not Your Enemy.


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