Another blast from the past.

Would you consider nominating Jesus & Mo for the ‘Best of 2010’ awards over at Comic Riffs? We like to put in an appearance at the Washington Post once in a while.

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  1. Daz says:

    Must’ve been aliens. It’s the only explanation that makes sense!


  2. David B says:

    Nomination sent.

    And if it is good enough for barmaid, it’s good enough for me.

    Merry Christmas

  3. YHVH says:

    Nomination as the best webcomic of the last 2000 years sent too.

  4. Bagpuss says:

    Nomination sent.

    Merry Christmas all.

    (P.S. – December 25th is a pretty good day to file your online tax return….)

  5. daoloth says:

    Nomination away. Lets hope you beat XKCD. It’s been while since Randall Monroe has done anything beyond sneering at stuff that he doesn’t personally get–which is a depressingly large set of things.

  6. That’s funny, a few seconds before seeing this I was just posting in a forum on the subject of “hiring a trustworthy professional to manage your money”, questioning how you judge who is trustworthy if you aren’t competent to do the job yourself.

    I suggested that people should hire me, because I’m trustworthy, and you can believe that because I said it and you can take my word because I’m trustworthy, remember, like I just said before.

    Financial professionals are like small-scale Bible stories of their own.

  7. David B says:

    I’ve also posted comments at Pharyngula and The Freethinker, and started a thread at my favourite discussion board, Secular Cafe, bringing attention to to the request for nominations, and suggesting that people might want to mention it on their blogs (if they have one), their own favourite discussion boards, FB pages etc.

    I further suggest that here.

  8. Stimpy says:

    Sent. Good luck and keep up the funny (in a “laugh to keep from crying” kinda way).

  9. godless2 says:

    This trick is as old as the hills. A false bottom or side to allow the magician to exit followed by some misdirection then the “magical” reappearance. Instead of “Ta Da” you get easter but it’s still the same old trick in a different wrapper.

    Posted my nomination but I’m curious how an anonymous scribe accepts an award.

  10. gk4ca says:

    It is a matter of bootstrapping, how you raise an edifice without actual foundation. The edifice can be very elaborate above, but down near earth it is very murky. You do a lot of self-referencing axioms.
    BIOS es do it everytime, for goodness sake. The scientologist definitely not doing it for goodness .. nor the moslems, the mormons, the christians …. (but it is very elaborate on top! something must be right if it is elaborate, right? right?!)

  11. Stephen Turner says:

    Nomination in (best webcomic category).
    I was hoping to see the boys tucking into a slap-up feast and saying “Merry Christmas to all our readers”. Maybe next year.

  12. jerry w says:

    I had expected to find Mo throwing a birthday party for his bunk buddy, another idea shot to hell unless that’s a user manual for a new halo received as a gift.

  13. Emelie H says:

    Done. Jesus and Mo has been nominated

  14. Mary2 says:

    Nomination sent.

    And I bought myself a Christmas present of all the Jesus and Mo books.

  15. kikainonakanoyuurei says:

    nominations sent ~ thanks for the laughs ~ keep up the good work!!

  16. lacerated soul says:

    The empty tomb is one of the greatest of all signs for the proof of a higher being…I don’t understand these atheists! I mean, there are proofs of the supernatural EVERYWHERE…what about when the sun goes down on a Mayan temple and it looks like a snake is crawling down the edge…supernatural!!…or what about Stonehenge, how did they do that? or how the pyramids are aligned just like the stars of Orion; how do they explain the Tunguska field, and what about the ghost of Anne Boleyn?…did they ever figure out the Bermuda triangle? and the little gold cross they found by the Lucy skeleton, and the latest Twilight developments outlining the existence of vampires; and wasn’t Jack the Ripper actually the Devil, no one could ever see or catch him; or what is the Taos Hum; and surely the Aurora Borealis…this is most certainly the work of God; and that God has so many different religions under him is direct proof of how he keeps his identity mysterious; and how can one explain the weird hills that cars roll backwards and upwards–God!…and what about the Virgin Mary’s appearance at Zeitun, or the fact that 39.01 of the world population has reported the sighting of a ghost…this is all more evidence for the supernatural!! and now, to find the empty tomb in question?


  17. tim says:

    Comment 5 from daoloth is even funnier than the comic. Yeah, I hate those websites where people just sneer at stuff they don’t get. ;o)

  18. kiyaroru says:

    lacerated soul
    I was with you until the rolling cars.
    Everyone knows thats magnets.
    Get a grip.

  19. nominated. @godless2 >Posted my nomination but I’m curious how an anonymous scribe accepts an award.
    That’s what the burka is all about.

  20. Stonyground says:

    Cars that appear to roll uphill do so due to an optical illusion. The slope is in one direction but the surrounding landscape gives the impression that it slopes the opposite way. All those other supernatural mysteries turn to dust just as easily the second that they are looked at with a critical eye.

  21. lacerated soul says:

    With all these winds of atheism blowing into my life, the state of the age of reality, I guess I’m just having trouble adjusting.

    Maybe I could deify some anthropomorphic symbol of secularism to help me make the transition…something to get me through, some reminder of the good ol’ days…

  22. daoloth says:

    @Tim. Explain. Are you doing what we call round here a “Nassar”? I.e. assuming a position of superiority which rests on nothing more than pseudo-profound blatherings while not actually engaging with anyone who challeneges you?
    Or, are you agreeing with me?

  23. Turbo Sloth says:

    Nominated! Good luck!

  24. Tiemen says:

    The best comic since the resurrection of Jesus. Except from Mo’s flying horse ride of course!

  25. fenchurch says:

    Can’t the empty tomb be a substitution for anything? A projection of our hopes and dreams, just like blame for natural disasters are projections of some religious people’s prejudices?

    I mean, since the tomb was empty, it was devoid of all sorts of amazing creatures (and in the same wise proving the previous existence and mobility) of Godzilla, Great Gazoo, Hera, Nessie, my winning lottery tickets, and a dead unicorn.

    My sources, however, strongly suggest that the empty tomb is proof of the ancestor of Schrodinger’s Cat (I bet you assumed it was just a thought experiment, when really the cat DID exist in 2 states and then fucked off, as it is written by His Froodiness, Douglas Adams).

  26. dysamoria says:

    The empty tomb is a part of a fiction book with talking snakes, demonic giants having sex with humans, an entire species being produced by two people, angels, talking (burning) bushes, alchemy, virgin mommas, etcetera. What makes any single fraction of a badly written multi-author, multi-revision, multi-translated fantasy book any more “evidential” than any other part?

    If the Lord of the Rings was as old as the bible, would it be proof of hobbits, elves, magic, & …?


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