Things are hectic. Here’s an old one.

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  1. fra says:


  2. Jerry w says:

    So these three religious icons walk into a bar……
    Owww, that must have hurt…..

  3. John The Geologist says:

    Come on Author.

    We don’t care about your hectic personal life.

    We want our thrice weekly dose of jesusandmo.

    No excuses dammit.

  4. OneLess says:

    Was that “ploop” from the game or is Mo playing Playstation on the toilet?

  5. Rich says:

    Great! Man, I love a good old corny play on words. Top stuff.

    Hey, I wonder what Mo’s favourite game is on his Playstation.

  6. Uncle Roger says:

    Bravo. Also, Groan.

  7. JoJo says:

    I love seeing new stuff, but let’s give the Author a break, eh? I reckon he deserves the slack.

  8. Poor Richard says:

    I’m sure he wants to be taken with a grain of salt; otherwise, John the Geologist is rockheaded if he thinks these cartoons can be taken for granite. They are HARD! Try to dig one up youself some time, Geo. These are rare gems.

    By the way, puns are basic. All humor is Insult, as Poor Richard says. Puns wake us up to absurdity by offending the ear. Ouchie.

  9. John The Geologist says:

    A bushel of salt would probably be necessary Richard.

    I absolutely adore these cartoons and bow to no man in my respect for the Author.

    It is extremely difficult to match the Author’s style and wit and I would not even try. The one cartoon I tried to produce on a cartoon generator was actually pre-empted by Author with Mo choking on his peanut (although mine involved the equivalent of the Barmaid saying “so remind again me why males have nipples”. You can probably see my point.)

  10. Nik says:

    I don’t get it at all. Can someone please explain the comic to me in painful detail?


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