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  1. John The Geophysicist says:

    As ever an excellent cartoon Author.

    You missed out the “IS” between THERE and NO in pane 3.

    Kindly refrain from holidays, family crises etc as I need my thrice weekly fix.

  2. Peterd102 says:

    I love the line after that one ‘Now stop worrying and enjoy your life’.
    Some say that you don’t lose anything by beliving in religion but you do: Sunday lie-ins!
    Every athiest should use that as a nice retort agaisnt those who say religion makes them more happy ect. “I can have sunday morning in bed”

  3. Dick M. says:

    There are 2 typos. In frame 2, “to” is needed, as in “the way to the truth”. In frame 3, “is” is needed: “there is no God but”. Funny comic nonetheless.

  4. author says:

    Thanks, John and Dick. Fixed panel 3 (panel 2 is ok). One day I will get it right first time. Probably.

  5. Matt Oxley says:

    Genius as always—probably

  6. John The Geophysicist says:

    Peterd102 – when you embrace any form of mumbo-jumbo or superstition you lose far more than a Sunday morning lie-in.

    You lose your critical faculties, any claim to common sense, reason or logic and quite often a large portion of your wallet.

  7. John The Geophysicist says:

    And lest the Author’s intelligent and gentle mockery of this nonsense blinds us to the realities the Guardian reported this week that a 13 year old girl was stoned to death by Muslims for having the temerity to get herself gang raped.

    What part of that atrocity fits into a religion which allegedly bases itself on justice.

  8. Colonel Leisure says:

    Probably as brilliant as always!

  9. Colonel Leisure says:

    John The Geophysicist, in fact I once read a comment by someone relating to religion but it can be used for any walk of life: What you believe in, controls you. It couldn’t be more simple or true.

  10. Jerry w says:

    Colonel Leisure, a definite maybe to all of that!!!

    And, Author, kudos for your “Palin Wink” prediction,
    shown here early on.
    Jerry w

  11. Andrea says:

    “probably” the best cartoon on the internet

  12. Jewel of Medina says:

    I’m ‘probably’ the most beloved of Mo.

  13. Hades says:


    Could someone post a link of that ad campaign? I’m assuming it’s an American or British campaign.

  14. Harvey Danger says:

    I recall reading that “probably” was inserted so as to pass muster with the censors. Can’t afford to upset the Christians’ delicate sensibilities, after all….

  15. John The Geophysicist says:


    Try this (you will have to join up the URL and stick h t t p in front of it.):


  16. John The Geophysicist says:

    How did you manage that post Matt.

    It would not let me post a URL.

  17. JohnnieCanuck says:

    J the G
    If you View Source on this page, you can search for justgiving and see the HTML. The nofollow is added automatically to links in comments.

    If you substitute ‘greater than’ and ‘less than’ symbols for the curly braces and take out the space in ‘h ttp’, as (hopefully) shown below, you’ve got it.

    {a href=”ht tp:/www.justgiving.com/atheistbus”} text to be displayed {/a}

  18. JoNi says:

    Of course, the irony is that those damned bendy buses on which the ad is plastered are by far the most likely method by which the existence or non existence of god may be finally settled for some poor, unsuspecting cyclist or pedestrian. They are the accordians of death!!

  19. Colonel Leisure says:

    I think the ‘probably’ is excellent. It is not being as pigheaded as the religious by saying ‘there IS a God’. The ‘probably’ gives way for creative thought. An ‘IS’ doesn’t.

  20. Jewel of Medina says:

    I agree with Col. Leis. Plus, ‘probably’ shows scientific precision in expressing the atheist claim as well as the ethical attitude of science. Plus, do you notice that ‘probably’ has already become a motto?

  21. Andrea says:

    I love that this campaign has raised nearly £118,000 in three weeks, sparked renewed interest in the BHA’s fight against faith schools (justgiving/faithschools) and according to the BBC has got over 200 new members for the BHA…. and this is all before the posters even hit the streets! Next I want to see J&M cartoons on the sides of busses.

  22. http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/33b6b5513d66ab30dcf44d1d78d0e165?s=80 says:

    Isn’t it amazing . . . the least tolerant are the first to scream “intolerance” whenever their mythology is questioned.

  23. Hades says:

    Thanks, John and Matt.

    Maybe one day in my country too, one day…

  24. daoloth says:

    I still wish that for the bus campaign they had used a picture of one of the buses (appropriately) from 7/7 with the words “If God is great, why are his believers such arseholes?” or some such uplifting message next to it?

  25. Simon Bishop says:

    I wish this site had a PayPal Donate button.

  26. Trevor says:

    Buy the gear, Simon. Wear it proudly. Indoctrinate the naive. Spread the good word. THE AUTHOR HAS RISEN AGAIN! AND LO’, THERE WAS MUCH REJOICING AND FORNICATION!

  27. pikeamus says:

    I’d really like to buy and wear a “Thanks for not provoking my uncontrollable lust” shirt but I think I’d get stabbed if I wore it my area.

  28. John The Geophysicist says:


    That would be getting stabbed by the people whose religion makes great claims as to peace and justice then.

    Where do you live – Kabul ?

  29. pikeamus says:

    Nothing so extreme, I just live in an area of a British city with a high rate of violent crime and a majority (haven’t checked the stats on this so there is a chance I’m wrong) muslim population. I guess I could get one and just be careful about when I wore it but having to consider what you wear because it may make you unsafe seems ridiculous in this country.

  30. Uncle Roger says:

    Pikeamus — Consider the “Faith Is…” shirt. It’s on my year-end-holiday-of-your-choice wish list.


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  32. Paul_Bags says:

    The “probably” puts this closer to agnosticism.

  33. Thoughts of a Dying Atheist says:

    Actually, agnosticism is more like “There’s probably as much chance of gods existing as gods not existing, but no one really knows.”

    Anyway, atheism has funnier jokes 😉

  34. fenchurch says:

    Agnosticism deals with knowledge; atheism, belief.
    Agnosticism isn’t moderate atheism.
    An atheist who believes fully that no gods exist is expressing strong atheism, and a less encompassing/strident approach is more like weak atheism.
    Or, you could use Dawkins’s scale and figure out where you at [sic].

    (I recommend that no atheist make positive claims about the nonexistence of various supernatural/cryptozoological beings, and just insist upon following the evidence, reserving judgement as new facts are made known. I.e. there COULD be gods/pixies/Scandinavian alva, but the time to believe in such are when these entities can be demonstratively proven to exist).


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