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  1. Ketil G says:

    🙂 I HAVE BOUGHT jesus and mo. Vol 4. I think i will read it wery soon.

  2. Rich says:

    Now that was subliminal…

  3. JoJo says:

    I would have ordered it, but Christian Voice are picketing my broadband connection..

  4. TallPaul says:

    But books are just so last millennium. What if I order one of your T shirts instead? I’ve been meaning to do that for ages.

  5. Ben says:

    Very subtle. Ah, yes, I feel good about having purchased the book already. And it really is much thicker than the first 3 — an excellent bargain. Everyone should own a copy…

  6. Billy Bob says:

    There’s lots in the book which has never been up on the website. I chortled my way through it.

  7. Jerry w says:

    This just screams for the blinking eyes effect on frames one and four that mention them crying. Crap, now I’m getting a bit misty myself.

  8. Simon Bishop says:

    Vol 4 ordered (I already have Vols 1-3). I wish this site had a PayPal Donate button.

  9. fra says:

    I got the T-shirt so I suppose I should get the book……

  10. Diane G says:

    Are Volumes I – III still available? If so, would you all recommend that a newcomer start with those?

  11. Vive la France says:

    I’m shocked by this blatant attempt to get us to part cash and buy this book. Mind you, it worked ‘cos I just did – so well done, Author, with your crafty, subtle plan…

    As if the book itself wasn’t enough to motivate us to part cash, however, I can proudly announce that there is a further, possibly even more exciting reason to go and buy it. You get a thank-you email from Author, which – perhaps inadvertently, I cannot say – reveals his first name… THRILLING! Perhaps I should get out more…

    Two comments about the buying process: one – it’s really tricky to put BFPO addresses in (but I eventually found a way around it); two – I couldn’t reply to the thank you email, as the reply address didn’t show up in it. Hence me posting here and boring the arse off everyone else.

  12. Warren says:

    I liked the emotional, slow zoom in.

  13. Alan says:

    *sob* I’m so sorry!

  14. Hades says:


    Could I be excused on purchasing power parity grounds? That’s almost what I earn in day.


  15. Achim says:

    even I understood this comic ….
    …. so I bought number 4 too

  16. Jerry w says:

    Hades: Then by simple math you could most likely buy one every two days, what the hell (sorry) prevents you from getting at least one?

  17. So what are they going to get the barmaid for Christmas?

  18. Dan says:

    Just added it to my Christmas list.

    Who says painfully obvious marketing doesn’t work. ^^,

  19. MrGronk says:

    John 11:35?

  20. Bruce says:

    Give the books names instead of numbers, just like Calvin and Hobbes and The Far Side etc.

    If the volumes are numbered then people who do not own volumes 1-3 are less likely to buy volume 4. And people who have no intention of buying 4 books (e.g. as gifts) are put off starting with volume 1.

    With named volumes, people will just buy the latest material, or whatever is on sale or has the funniest title.

    With named volumes, you can also recycle strips into collections of different sizes (again, like Calvin and Hobbes etc.).

  21. Matt Oxley says:

    could you do a pack with all 4 books for a discounted price? like all 4 for 50…thatd move some

  22. carol says:

    Due to the Cectic drought, I followed the link from that page. So I spent most of the day (Sunday) reading ALL of the J&M comics, pausing only to pee and get another beer. Author is a very wise person. And funny. And an accurate artist. When Mo is reflected in the mirror his nose tilts in the other direction. I probably won’t buy the books because I’m old and afraid to buy things on line.

  23. BushYakker says:

    I have books 1-4.
    I confess (in a non-religeous way) I’m addicted.
    I came very close to e:mailing author to DEMAND book 4 be published.
    I’ll be OK for a while but I’ll soon need book 5.

    Books may be old fashoned but J&M books especially are handy to leave lying around when you have pious visitors. Sharp humour can be so infuriating to the righteous.

    Keep up the good work author.

  24. JayBee says:

    Seems that the economic crisis has hit our dear prophet and our dear saviour.
    I wonder how much money could they get from their at least a couple of billion followers…
    Anyhow, I think that it would’ve been a good idea to make a PDF version of the book (just like book III) for the *sighs again* economically restricted!
    Maybe something from the shop will do!

  25. khan says:

    I agree with another poster: get a donate button. I don’t need any more stuff.

  26. Matt Oxley says:

    i just thought of a way to raise some cash—…people pay for ad spots on your site, i use it to promote my blog and I would be glad to buy an ad on this site…sites that generate tons of hits like yours probably does can get 10-15$ a day from one banner ad—

    just an idea

  27. Erithacus Rubecula says:

    Can these books be purchased from Europe?

  28. Colonel Leisure says:

    I can understand the problems with advertisements. People don’t want extremist nutters targeting their businesses just because they’ve advertised on a site that religious people disagree with.

  29. Andrea says:

    Do the books have the same cartoons in as the website? I would buy them but I’d be annoyed if I’d already seen all the cartoons!

  30. author says:

    Thanks to everyone for your support. To answer Andrea, and qualify Billy Bob, only “Things not Seen” contains strips which haven’t been seen before.

    It has to be said, however, that all the J&M strips are much funnier when viewed in paperback form.

  31. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    It has to be said, however, that all the J&M strips are much funnier when viewed in paperback form.

    ‘Cos nothing says funny like a dead tree?

    Only joking of course, I am a self-confessed bibliophile with a personal collection of around 3000 books. That’s barely half of a tree.


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