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Discussion (11)¬

  1. Best punch line so far. Bravo, Author. You keep exceeding your best.

  2. Chiefy says:

    jb, thanks for the link. Some of the comments there are hilarious. People seem to think Ullman is taking the Christians’ side on this, which goes to the point of today’s comic.

  3. Aw, poor Mo is envious.

  4. Tinkling Think says:

    A random bit of logical thinking; should less than half of the country be followers then the country itself can no longer be described as “a Christian country”. That being so, there can no longer be any justification for bishops or other clergy inside our legislative bodies, can there? So those once so vital gentlemen in the Parliament should be booted out and helped to find real jobs.

    Nor can there be any justification for making clergy, churches or religions special in any way. Certainly there can be no compelling case for keeping them outside our laws or free of taxes as they are now mere subjects of the Crown, secular organisations of no great distinction and collections of myths, fairy tales and fantasies – the same as “Dungeons and Dragons” lore or ret-conned Spiderman.

    As this is no longer “a Christian nation”, Christianity is no more important than the Norse, Greek, Aztec or Easter Island myths and should be given identical treatment.

    Identical time in schools, identical TV time, identical tax status, identical lack of protection under the law.

    Wouldn’t that be nice?

  5. Someone says:

    Maybe it’s a sign of the times, but street preachers trying to convert passing commuters sure are getting louder, even as their message is being summarily ignored.
    Either that or they’ve purchased better mic equipment.

  6. Tinkling Think says:

    Someone, where I live (England, outside the M25 car park) the local shouties are actually very polite, quiet, refined and courteous. They also don’t come out to play very often.

    In addition to this, the doorstep deliverance delivery mob seem to have dried up and blown away, I haven’t seen one for years.

    There also seems to be a generally closing of shops selling biblical books. Though that may be in keeping with a general closing of shops selling any books so might not be significant.

    All of those could be signs of the passing of the curse of religion into the compost heap of History.

    One can hope.

  7. Tinkling Think says:

    Before anyone not living in The Universe’s Blessed Land asks, “M25” is the designation of a large roadway that encircles London, England and which has a well-deserved reputation for traffic-jams and immobile herds of vehicles many, many miles and hours long. It was planned to be a sort of rapid transit highway around the mess that is London’s roads but that didn’t exactly work perfectly – as anyone who has ever seen a “bypass” could have predicted.

    It is rumoured that emergency procedures immediately after a no-deal Brexit include plans to turn at least one lane of the M25 into a part of a very long waiting area for trucks and lorries attempting to clear Customs at Dover. Whether anyone would notice any difference from normal M25 inactivity is debatable.

  8. M27Holts says:

    As a resident of the peoples republik of Mancunia. I can safely say that xtian church attendances have been on decline since the 1960’s. However, since the Quran proscibes the death penalty for being an apostate the muslim branch of the abrahamic faiths seems to be increasing rather than in decline…

  9. Tinkling Think says:

    M27Holts, “prescribes”. “proscribes means they don’t like it very much and I’m fairly sure the Islamists are all gung-ho in favour of slicing, dicing, hanging and banging anyone they don’t like for any number of reasons, including us heretics, heathens and other rubbish for being heretics, heathens and other rubbish.

    And didn’t Mancunia vote “remain” in the Dark Ages? Is that why they are thinking of becoming yet one more devolved region?

  10. Tinkling Think says:

    On whether or not to pro- or pre-, our Good Authorial Scribe has this clear message on the subject.

    [Oh, dear, the script is adding an invisible /a tag, so : ]


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