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  1. Tim says:

    Jesuis Charlie and Mo?

  2. oake says:

    Author – in the fourth frame, there’s a superfluous “in”.

    Good one, by the way.

  3. ANeaterArris says:

    very good, as ever.

  4. Naruki+K. says:

    Wonderful! Or should that be wunderbar?

    Minor point: Author, is it too late to change the text in the last frame? “It’s in all in French” should of course read “It’s all in French”.

  5. Myrrhine says:

    Author, there are times when I think I love you!

  6. machigai says:

    Oh, snap!

  7. jean says:

    the second “in” might have been to see who was actually paying attention 🙂 Thanks to a friend for posting this site.

  8. tfkreference says:

    Extra prepositions are expected in this world in which we live in. Great strip, Author!

  9. Ken+Kukec says:

    tfkreference: The Department of Redundancy Department approves. (Notwithstanding your violation of what the “rule’ against terminal prepositions is all about.)

  10. Ha!

    They got a thundering standing ovation according to the NY Times so YABOOSUCKS.

  11. Also, Dominique Sopo, the pres of SOS Racisme, flew in unannounced to attend. Would he do that if he thought Charlie is racist? I think not.

    Photo of Sopo with Salman Rushdie and Alain Mabanckou here:

  12. Author says:

    That’s a great photo, Ophelia. Thanks!

  13. Iamcuriousblue says:

    There’s even a website for those of us who are French-challenged to put Charlie Hebdo’s cartoon’s in context:

    By and large, I have not seen the anti-Charlie crowd even attempt to understand what the “offensive” cartoons even mean.

  14. Vanity Unfair says:

    “It’s all in French”
    Worse than that; it’s in modern vulgar French and the classical French I learned half a century ago just isn’t up to translating it. I don’t understand most of the jokes.

  15. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Not only that Vanity, it makes references to recent happenings and politics in France. In many cases its the racist things that the Right Wingers have come up with that they are satirising, as in the monkey caricature of Justice Minister Christiane Taubira.

  16. European says:

    Thanks iamcurious for posting the link, was just going to do the same. Had a number of interminable arguments with friends and colleagues, mostly English-speaking, and my experience is exactly what JohnnieC says: They don’t get the references and just insist on their ignorant gut reactions, with lots of “Isl*…phobia” invectives. Hopeless

  17. David says:

    On the subject of cartoons, I would like to give you a link to the “Draw Muhammad” event held recently in Texas:-

  18. Jim+Baerg says:

    Quote from the interview
    “Nonetheless, a Jewish friend and I were known to betray our religions in solidarity when we shared a pepperoni pizza.”
    The inverse of this Tim Minchin song

  19. two cents' worth says:

    Other cartoonists’ takes on the contest in Texas:

    For some links to other cartoons, see my comments on the previous J&M cartoon (the cartoon dated April 29, 2015).

  20. Bo Gardiner says:

    This strip depicts EXACTLY what has happened. Almost everyone is simply repeating what they’ve heard/read others say, and almost no one has actually read Hebdo.

    After the massacre, I wanted to keep an open mind until I actually read the contents of the infamous “Sharia Hebdo” edition of the magazine. This is the one that triggered the 2011 bombing, and ultimately the massacre. Except I couldn’t find it — the front and back covers were EVERYWHERE, but nothing in between! Yet talking heads were everywhere, condemning the mag without specifics of what was between those covers.

    After a great deal of digging, I finally found a PDF of the whole thing, which I linked to and provide translations of here:

    My summary is now on Hebdo’s Wikipedia page, and reads:

    “The “Charia Hebdo” issue had been a response to recent news of the post-election introduction of sharia law in Libya and the victory of the Islamist party in Tunisia.[39] It especially focuses on oppression of women under sharia, taking aim at domestic violence, mandatory veiling, burquas, restrictions on freedom, forced marriage, and stoning of those accused of adultery. It also targeted oppression of gays and dissenters, and practices such as stoning, flogging, hand/foot/tongue amputations, polygamy, forced marriage, and early indoctrination of children.

    ‘Guest editor’ Muhammad is portrayed as a good-humored voice of reason, decrying the recent elections and calling for a separation between politics and religion, while stating that Islam is compatible with humor.[40]

    The magazine responded to the bombing by distributing some four times the usual number of copies.[41]”

    Pretty horrible stuff, huh?

  21. Author says:

    Thank for this, Bo.


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