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  1. Renee says:


  2. Lyly says:

    LOL, made it even funnier when I noticed the moon’s movement.

  3. Omar says:

    Thanks Lyly for the remark!!! LOL

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  5. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    They’re not slow, they’re differently fast.

  6. Flavus says:

    You know, this reminds me of a really funny story I read, in which a Christian visited Vanuatu, and asked one of the Cargo Cultist there “It’s been 17 years and John Frum(a deified U.S. Marine) still hasn’t come, why haven’t you given up?” and the Cultist responded “You wait 2000 years for Jesus, I can wait 17 for John.”

  7. ottebrain says:

    Proofy mcproof proof


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