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  1. carolita says:

    I’ve always been wary of saints. For example, I learned through my medieval research on “miraculous” cures imparted by saints, that Saint Hildegard prescribed this for any “libidinous man” who may have caught leprosy through his “sexual incontinence”: a bit of agrimony, and a “modicum stercoris gallinarum” (swan’s shit), and as much menstrual blood as you can find, mix well, and put him in a bath of this mixture.

    She seemed to think that just because no one ever came back for a second treatment, that one application cured them. “Well, they never came back,” I imagine her saying to herself, “so I guess they’re cured!” Hildegard might’ve been saying to these lepers, “Oh you poor thing, let me cure you. I’ve got just the thing!” But I think she really meant, “Come here you dirty little leper. I’ll show you what you get for your filthy sinful ways…”

  2. Indian says:

    And battering up Indias image and making everyone think india is a poor country, when it was the riches of india that led to the discovery of america and the emergence of europe as a sea power…. Down with theresa…

  3. Max says:

    Apparently they made nunchaku out of her bones.

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