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  1. ricus says:

    I miss hansie – realy, truely

  2. Throbgoblins says:

    Marvellous. Ironies within ironies. There’s no future in irony meters though. Not unless they’re iron-clad.

  3. Simon Bishop says:

    Spoing! Spoing! Spoing!

    Sorry, I can’t help it, I love that word.

  4. Hobbes says:

    Difficult to find something cool to add to this. Only that I once heard the pope chastise the Russian government for suppressing free speech. Spoing!!!

  5. Peterd102 says:

    Sometimes mocking religion is just repeating what they say.

  6. kiyaroru says:

    I think that a”SPOING” t-shirt is in order.

  7. Stonyground says:

    I am a great admirer of those computer animated movies for kids that work on two levels so that they are entertaining for adults as well. I think there may be a parallel with the Catholic Church in that, on the one hand they have the incredibly complex and supposedly sophisticated theology aimed at the supposedly sophisticated believers. Then on the other hand they have the simplistic and absurd tripe for the ignorant uneducated masses. The fact that said masses are ignorant and uneducated because the Catholic Church does everything in its power to keep them that way shouldn’t be overlooked.

  8. jerry w says:



    Ooops, Spoing

  9. Diane G says:


    I am so stealing that!

  10. Headbhang says:

    Submitted “spoing” to the Urban Dictionary 🙂 Should show up there at some point… Vote it up when it does!

  11. Uncle Roger says:

    Jesus: Those militant athiests are mocking my followers again!
    Mo: Oh? What are they saying this time?
    Jesus: Well, actually, they’re just repeating what my followers said.
    Jesus: But it was the WAY that they said it!

  12. Vyapada says:

    Nice one!
    Here’s what may be the article referred to in the comic:

  13. heinzd says:

    I would like to see Abe also participating!

  14. anusz says:

    hi!!! we have cultural portal in poland, wroclaw, and my idea is to put your comic strip on our confrontation branch. of course we would transate it into polish…with all promo 4 U
    if you interested please contact me for details.. hawk!! ana

  15. Mr Gronk says:

    Next we need a device that detects desperate attempts to “renew” christianity by resorting to airy-fairy deistic theology: it could go “SPONG! when activated. (sorry, folks)

  16. Mr Gronk says:

    Stonyground, Catholicism reminds me in an odd sort of way of Hinduism; at one end you have “complex and subtle” monotheistic theology, and at the other end there’s polytheistic superstition for the oiks (with saints taking the place of Hinduism’s demigods).

  17. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Vyapada, that would seem to be it, all right.

    If it isn’t science based healing or Catholic Jesus healing then it is just superstition, and possibly dangerous. It took 5 Bishops and 3 Archbishops to put that all together. They even used the argument from footnotes to make it more persuasive.

  18. zoidberg says:

    iMac. Hmph… Product placement, me tellsya!

  19. BJ says:

    I am disgusted that Vyapada has posted this scurrilous article for all to read. My irony meter is now seriously sprained and may not recover. Where should I send the bill? Although I would accept a free Spoing T-Shirt of course.

  20. John The Geologist says:

    They might just be a bunch of old devil dodgers protecting their own form of mumbo jumbo but they are spot on in terms of reiki being a load of woo quackery.

    I loved the penultimate footnote that reiki opens you up to demonic possession. Yeah, that will work.

    Another example of people being absolutely right but for totally the wrong reasons. I call this the “Hitler loved his dogs” maxim.

  21. andrea says:

    I want an Irony meter tshirt. SPOING!

  22. JMo says:

    I am starting a new company IMB we will fix, refurbish, polish, tweak, any and all irony meters. We will add new features, privide theology support for those not sure as to why their meters have spoinged. I will beginning a IPO as soon as I get all the paper work done.

  23. dyl says:

    I wonder if you might try including Joseph Smith or L.Ron. Kinda easy targets but I LOVE telling Christians that these figures have the same credibility as jesus, mo, or the flying spaghetti monster.

  24. Bodach says:

    I stopped buying irony meters shortly after Bush took office.

  25. bossykate says:

    Talking of possessions by demons, did anyone see the article in the Independent on Sunday about exorcisms – it was a serious piece that was literally beyond belief. Apparently the self harm by a nun during her exorcism made it impossible that she was faking it – of course mental illness or hysteria were out of the question. A really shabby piece of journalism in my opinion.

  26. Adrian says:

    Bossykate, I also recently read an article interviewing the Vatican’s exorcism expert. He said that exorcism is done only after they have “ruled out” mental or other illness. There wasn’t a lot of detail on precisely how they do this.

    “We cannot find a reason for your strange behaviour therefore you are possessed by demons” is pretty similar reasoning to “We cannot explain X therefore there is a God / God did it”.

  27. Naturocat says:

    I am loving this… – many thanks! keep them coming!!!


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