Ladies and gentlemen, Cormac Murphy O’Connor.

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  1. JohnnieCanuck says:

    For me, the Astronomy Photograph of the Day is often a source of that transcendent feeling. At the moment, this image is my desktop background. The music of the spheres plays there, even with only a little understanding of all that is shown.

  2. wallyworld14 says:

    the transcendent, a.k.a. the orgasm

  3. r00db00y says:

    Without religion, atheists are missing out on an important part of life.

    Atheism. 😀

  4. Simon Bishop says:

    So many times I’ve said to myself “That’s the funniest J&M I’ve ever seen. Nothing will ever be funnier”. Wrong again!

  5. jerry w says:

    Go see Star Trek, wherein Spock gets himself
    a little transcendent booty.

    Live long and perspire……

  6. DeafAtheist says:

    I’m glad Mo cleared that up because Barmaid made me think of a rock concert or sporting event.

  7. maggs says:

    Thanks Simon Bishop, I’ve spread that one around as it is such an important issue. A, he showed himself very lacking in dealing with the paedophile matters within his remit; and B, we should really encourage the government to weed out all peers and other politicians who believe in magic. Now that WOULD give me a transcendental experience!

  8. dyl says:

    has anyone seen this?
    worth watching?

  9. moyameehaa says:

    religion is the ecstasy/LSD of the masses (just not as good as the real stuff and with far more severe side effects).

  10. Hobbes says:

    I agree with wallyworld14. Half way through Barmaid’s description I knew she meant a good head-splitting orgasm. It’s the real cause behind exploding stars.

  11. Stonyground says:

    Thanks to Simon Bishop for the link, I have signed the petition. In a sane world Murphy O’ Connor would be in prison.

  12. bossykate says:

    Thanks for the link, I have signed the petition too. Was furious about the way he spread mis-information over the Human Embryo bill last year, he sounded wholly ignorant of the facts yet did not let this get in the way of broadcasting his blinkered opinions. Phew, glad to get that off my chest.

  13. Mr Gronk says:

    The only real difference between an atheist and a modern theologian is that the latter wishes there was a god, and in consequence spends his time looking for things to stick the name “god” to, such as love, life, and transcendence – and, presumably, orgasms.
    (I must say, though, I had a particularly good one the other night and my inevitable comment was “oh god”.)

  14. Rosemarie says:

    I too thank Simon Bishop for the petition link. I have also added it to my Youtube video
    where I published the BBC Radio 4 interview with the cardinal twit.

  15. Rosemarie says:

    I forgot to mention that I love J & Mo’s take on Cardinal Cormac Spud-O’Connor’s utterance, but the Easter one was priceless. Can I have the original please?

  16. Simon Bishop says:

    I’ve just learned that CMO’C isn’t first choice for the peerage. If Mystic Meg accepts the honour, he’s fucked.

  17. Oi, barmaid, never mind defining your terms, just tell that bastard cardinal where he gets off telling us we’re not human! He’ll be pushing us into the Zyklon-B showers next. Bastard.

    And he’s the one who protected a child-abusing priest and sent him off to Gatwick airport chapel where surely he wouldn’t be able to grope any children, only he did. And he’s calling us non-human!

    Godbothering fiend.


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