Many thanks to the Archbishop of Canterbury for co-scripting this week’s strip.

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  1. Trevor M says:

    LOL – be careful what you wish for…

  2. WalterWalcarpit says:

    My thoughts precisely. This may not be a request to reject out of hand.
    From the article: “In addition to ‘raising awareness of the different cultures and alternative viewpoints that make up (UK) society’ we propose that the BBC should reflect and interpret the many religious communities that exist in the UK with the aim of building a better understanding of the beliefs people hold both between those communities and by UK audiences as a whole.”
    What better way to bring them all down.

    It is further interesting that science is not one of the genres quoted as standard.

  3. Alfie Noakes says:

    Fantastic! A proper laugh out loud strip.
    The Archbishop of Canterbury is a card. He’s always fooling around – equal footing for religious programming! Hahaha! Oh…

  4. extro24 says:

    This would be fantastic. Then we can have people like Richard Dawkins, Desmond Morris and Sam Harris come on the shows to do a proper scientific analysis of religion. Beginning with the Alpha Male Ape Hypothesis for the origin of God.

  5. extro24 says:

    Talking about God – a lovely book to explain Him.
    https://www.amazon.com/Alpha-God-Psychology-Religious-Oppression/dp/1633880206. And no – I have no connection to the author.

  6. pink squirrel says:

    reruns of Father Ted are as serious as religion needs to be taken

  7. pink squirrel says:

    “Religion is a prime motivator of individuals and communities, inspiring and informing their political, economic, ethical and social behaviour.”

    yes – and that explains exactly why we need to get rid of it

  8. FreeFox says:

    Had hoped for something about how religion (both Islam and Christianity) created not only self-loathing mass murderers like in Orlando but also priests who sermonise about how great it is that finally someone is killing the right people, while a presidential candidate uses it to spread xenophobia and incite further violence.

    But this is amusing, too.

  9. pink squirrel says:

    Whelby says :’The promotion of religious literacy should be a specific duty’

    That would be more people reading/knowing the scriptures presumably
    given the sick evil content of the middle eastern texts- I would have that was the last thing any church/mosque leader would actually want

  10. Nassar Ben Houdja says:

    Another ex-purt, pontificating stupidity
    Of pseudo psychological absurdities
    These academic slobs
    Can never hold jobs
    Part timers, selling feel good validity.

  11. Wonderful, Author. The last thing organized religion needs is a comparison between the belief systems and intelligent people trying to figure out why so many believe so many different impossible things.

    Freefox, you ask too much of the strip. That’s what the comment thread is for, you you have added the content you were missing. Couldn’t agree with you more. There is a bipolar reaction in America to the Orlando massacre. Our side mourning the tragic loss of young lives, and smug bastards like the Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick tweeting “You sow what you reap.” Makes me wish hell existed.

  12. pink squirrel says:

    ‘Makes me wish hell existed.’
    the christofacists and islamonazis are doing their best to make your wish come true DH

  13. Dr John de Wipper says:

    The problem with using their books literally is the cherrypicking.
    Some pundits (for reasons only known to themselves) define which parts ARE literal, and which are parabel.
    Everything literal obviously turns it into litter-all.
    Wouldn’t that be nice!

  14. Jobrag says:

    I think it all boils down to a desire for an afterlife, many who reject organised religion are saying I’m spiritual and go on to believe in some “universal force” that will provide a continuing existence after death. Come to terms with the finality of death and you can throw those crutches away.

  15. Jobrag says:

    Dr John. I see two types of theist, one type believes that their holy book is the literal truth and should be followed to the letter, the others find ways to navigate around the bits they’re not happy with and will twist themselves in knots to justify it. On the whole the literalists are probably intellectually more honest (if as dumb as batshit), while the actions of the others (Muslim mortgages, the Jewish red thread thing, virtually anything the C of E says) seem to think that their God is really rather stupid.

  16. arbeyu says:

    I love it when Mo takes the Lord’s name in vain.

  17. pink squirrel says:

    the desire for an afterlife is all very well
    but assuming such occurred would it be in the form they are desirous of?
    if such occurs then it is fairly certain it would not resemble anything human imagination could envisage

  18. mike says:

    ‘the christofacists and islamonazis are doing their best to make your wish come true DH’

    Isn’t that christonazis and islamofascists? I can’t keep them straight.

  19. pink squirrel says:

    Probably schism in their ranks Mike

  20. diducthat says:

    Perhaps the archbishop is looking at the wrong media outlet – after all, they don’t have regular astrology programs either. Maybe one of the junk tabloids would allow him a regular sermon or two along with their horoscopes. Just a thought, from a long time lurker and admirer of the site.

  21. smartalek says:

    Even non-believers such as myself will use “Jesus Christ!” as a general expostulation — such as upon hitting one’s thumb with the hammer — because it’s in the zeitgeist, part of the cultural furniture.
    Anyone know what they yell in Saudi or in Malaysia, when they stub their toes?

  22. Dr John de Wipper says:

    Reminds me of an old joke:
    A rather unknown Jewish carpenter way back when hit his thump with his hammer and exclamen: “Jesus Christ!”.
    His wife pondering their new-born son’s name exclamed: “THAT is a nice name foe him!”

  23. pink squirrel says:

    Anyone know what they yell in Saudi or in Malaysia, when they stub their toes?

    judging by the various media videos the equivalent is ‘allah akbar’
    the phrase is frequently exclaimed in the same situations which would make a xian shout ‘jesus’
    for example whenever there is a large explosion

  24. Suffolk Blue says:

    *diducthat* … that’s great. I’d love to see the religious content crammed between the horoscope, the sudoku and the Dear Marjorie … 🙂

  25. Dr John de Wipper says:

    Perhaps my fault, I should have realised that anciennity-of-rights should of course give way to the-right-to-feel=offended.

  26. WalterWalcarpit says:

    That’s very sad, J de W.

  27. HaggisForBrains says:

    Dr John – definitely a case for civil disobedience by the nudists. I hope if arrested they turn up in court suitably attired.

  28. Dr John de Wipper says:

    Well, they DID promise so!


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