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  1. anon1234 says:

    Is that Ben Goldacre’s book that Mo is reading? I approve his choice.

  2. Rob A says:

    I think it’s time Dr Goldacre added Jesus and Mo to his posse…

  3. Matt Oxley says:

    the recall rate on those meters is insane…

    my irony meter broke about halfway through this little debate.

  4. JMo says:

    Mine broke underneath the Christmas tree but I figured that had everthing to do with being quasi-atheist…..

  5. ann44 says:

    Where can I get this irony-meter thing, I could use it so good on my two-faced friends…

  6. These irony meters seem awfully fragile. They break whenever they detect any irony. Shouldn’t the needle just move? Or is the whole thing a scam by the International Union of Irony Meter Repairmen (IUIMR).

  7. Ketil G says:

    irony meter. hahaah funny. I think we all have need a irony meter once in our lives. But not politician, they need a liar meter

  8. Irony? Or ironING?

    …No, I don’t get it either…

  9. author says:

    You are right, Darwin’s Dagger. These irony meters are crap! They blow up at the merest hint of irony. I’ll get them from a reputable dealer next time. I’ve had it with e-bay!

  10. Rock Ripsnort says:

    I didn’t think Judeaism was a “multiplicity of equally valid perspectives.” What version of the Old Testament are you using?

  11. I have it on good authority that Ben Goldacre is a big fan of author’s. The good taste is mutual.

  12. Jerry w says:

    The irony meter is manufactured by Microsoft, and they insist that all bugs will be removed in v2.0, that they promise will be delivered by the end of the summer.

    Microsoft has found that when not powered up, v1.0 had no problems. Ironically, v2.0’s main improvement is that it doesn’t have a power switch.

  13. grouchy-one says:

    How ’bout a t-shirt with some cogs and a spring printed on it and the word SPOING in big letters – I’d buy on of those!

  14. JMo says:

    All hail “grouchy-one” for his idea of the “Holy Shirt”. “In Authors’ name, “SPOING”…..”

  15. Paper Hand says:

    I didn’t think Judeaism was a “multiplicity of equally valid perspectives.” What version of the Old Testament are you using?

    Moses, in this strip, isn’t like the Biblical Moses. He’s a strange sort of post-modern philosopher. Then again, the titular characters are also a bit stretched from their literary sources, too …

  16. JayBee1988 says:

    another irony-meter strip!!

  17. Shoaib says:

    Enough with the Irony Meters already

  18. […] gall to discuss how most secular scientists confuse science with philosophy in their work. I think his irony meter broke upon hearing that one. (Incidentally at this point I wrote in my notes “NURSE! FETCH THE […]

  19. ottebrain says:

    Yep-it’s British.

  20. jambrains says:

    Reading the “Moses” bubbles in a funny Indian call-centre-esque accent makes it all the more interesting

  21. J. Doe says:

    Chad Elf Believer: “I have an invisible magic elf who makes it rain.”

    Virgin Skeptic: “How can you prove you have this elf?”

    Chad Elf Believer: “Didn’t it rain yesterday?”

    Virgin Skeptic: “Yes.”

    Chad Elf Believer: “What more proof do you need?”


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