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  1. remigius says:

    Brilliant. One of the best yet!

  2. Maggs says:

    Sooo on the ball! Scientology is very dangerous and of course doesn’t have the bonus of the longevity of the other so called ‘major religions’. I understand that Scientology is only called a church because the US charity laws allow anything can get charitable status if its called a church, whether it is one or not.

  3. Anonniniby says:

    Haha! Win!

  4. grouchy-one says:

    I’d like to start a comparison. That’s where the humour is….

  5. JMo says:

    I wonder what sort of centerfold would be in “WHAT RUG” I can imagine a sexy bedouin on hands and knees in a hijib. Boy does that just stir the wonton Western loins I possess………

  6. Maggs says:

    JMo, not at all, one cannot portray an image of a person! Just a nice prayer mat will be the centrefold.

    Whoops, irony meter failure…

  7. Shoaib says:

    Ha ha…

    A six after quite a few ducks.

  8. joe says:

    Hrmm, if Christians knew anything about their early history (of the little that there is to know), they may not think that Jesus is talking just about Mo.

    Maybe a little projection on his part?

  9. Toast in the machine says:

    Scientology is clearly an utterly shameless and ruthless money-making scam (nice adapted quote, Grouchy-one), and the people at the top obviously don’t believe in any of the supernatural(/sci-fi) bollocks behind it, but it is interesting comparing its birth pangs with the historical establishment of xianity and islam – if scientology survives and is still around in 1000 years, I doubt it’s creed will look anywhere near as ridiculous as it does today – it would be accepted on very similar terms to the others.

  10. Submoron says:

    Tell Jesus to read “Bare Faced Messiah”. Hard copies are difficult to find but it’s on the internet, I think as a PDF.

  11. John The Geologist says:

    There is a difference between the two of them.

    Hubbard wrote all his own bollocks whereas the koran and haddith bollocks was collected two hundred years after Mo popped his clogs.

    It’s all still bollocks though.

    The pair of them are probably pissing themselves laughing in hell (or wherever) while Ron holds down another young girl for Mo to fuck.

    Ron was about as useful a naval officer as Mo was a useful creator of a peaceful religion.

  12. says:

    Cómic: Jesus y Mahoma – Reglas [humor]…

    [Traducción] – Mira esto, Mahoma: L. Ron Hubbard ¿No te recuerda a alguien? Es reverenciado por sus seguidores, los cuales protejen fieramente su reputación de cualquier crítica. Le tienen como a una especie de Superman, y tratan sus palabras relig…

  13. Sounds alot like Jesus too.

  14. Toast in the machine says:

    John, you’re right. I think that demonstrates the evolutionarily adaptive nature of religion: ie christianity learnt from and improved* on judaism, islam learnt from and improved on christianity, things like ba’hai and jehovah’s witnesses learn from and make use of their predecessors. Scientology to most people looks different in that it seems obvious to everyone outside it that LRH was to an extent taking the piss and just trying to make as much as he could while he was alive, but nevertheless, it has racked up a few hundred thousand followers worldwide, and is certainly rich and armed with very effective lawyers. It’s a going concern, and with its current status that might be enough to buy it extended longevity.
    It’s been transformed from a cult to an official religion in many countries after all. Acceptance by the state makes a big difference. Lawyers and half-witted filmstars could be all it needs. Also, LRH made use of C20th psychological developments to counter criticism and kill off ‘SPs’ etc – the ultimate irony, knowingly employing pyschoanalytically-inspired tactics against critics.

    * ‘improved’ in an evolutionarily adaptive sense

  15. Hobbes says:

    Precious, simply precious!

  16. BJ says:

    I’m fascinated that so many think Scientology looks odd. To me it just looks as daft as the rest of them – all of them (including those with cows with 27 arms, or whatever).

  17. hyoid says:

    I can do that. I just know I can. I will start a new religion from whole, unstained, cloth. I call it The Most Magnificent Religion of Reality. TMMROR for short. I know, I know what you’re thinkin’ (see? that was almost unbelievable by itself), only a credulous person would join with me. That’s the beauty of it. Look around; there are PCB’s all over the place with nowhere to go. (Poor Credulous Basetards) “that’s basetards in the good way” I know what else you’re thinkin’ too. (Heck, I’m almost convincing myself) You think you will be left out as a minority and ostracized! Well…Yeah!?? Those with Credulous Credentials or CC’s will be able to enter into the mellowship. But don’t feel snubbed; the incredulous will be welcomed with open arms anytime they can throw off the binding, incredulous chains that restrict their everlasting freewill to believe the tenets espoused by the Religion of Reality. Classes are available. In a few words, TMMROR is one for all. We will not discriminate, All Forms of Tender Are Accepted, including Stamps.

    Founder and Humble Receiver
    The Most Magnificent Religion of Reality

  18. Daoloth says:

    Lest we rational humanist types get too smug about this- personality cults grow up around those who are violently anti-religious as well. Ayn Rand and Sigmund Freud both behaved like and were treated like messiahs. It seems there is a need to worship uncritically somehow built-in to human beings.

  19. Debbie K says:

    Is it funny? Not a bit of it. L Ron Hubbard bears no resemblance to any actual prophets, in his case it should be spelled ‘profits’ anyway!


  20. JayBee1988 says:

    Poignant! Witty! and as usual funny & priceless…
    Thanks author!

  21. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Actual prophets? In days gone by, these were the insane, plus others who were aided by plant and animal psycho-tropics, along with dehydration and self-isolation techniques. Pretty much universal techniques to generate the sought after visions.

    Hearing disembodied voices, check.
    Hallucinating burning bushes that talk, check.

    L. Ron Hubbard ‘intelligently designed’ his organisation to mimic religion. He wanted to be able to claim the respect and legal status granted to established Churches. Not only that but his indoctrination techniques are based on existing cults as well.

    I suspect he was merely using his experience as a fiction writer when he created Xenu, and never actually believed any of it himself.

    Interesting that Intelligent Design, aka Creation Science attempts to assume the mantle of Science for the benefit of Religion and Scientology is doing the same to Religion.

  22. ayashi says:

    This “build-in” need to worship is a residue of childhood, where we uncritically follow our parents.
    Considering the current education (or rather: lack of) most kids get from their parents, i find it self-evident that most of those children grow up into “unfinished” adults that are plaged with countless harmful remains of their childhood.

    In this particular issue, it’s always easier to worship something/one than to actually think for oneself … and that is assuming the person actually knows how to think for him/herself!
    It’s a pity, considering the modern access to information, that most of those people don’t even try…

  23. Jerry w says:

    Oh, L. Ron Hubbard! Now I get it.
    I always had thought that the name was L. Ron Howard.
    You know, the Opie-ate of the masses.

  24. Jerry w says:

    I really like that “Carpet Burns” article, “Impress Your Mates”.

    That sounds like something those funloving Opus Dei folks
    might say about lash marks or Stigmata.

  25. JohnnieCanuck says:

    The ‘zebiba’ has become common in Egypt as a holier-than-thou badge of faith. It is coming to the point where No True Muslim(tm) man can show his face without a ‘little raisin’ on his forehead. Not to have one is the mark of an apostate or infidel.

    Strangely, it is not often seen in other Muslim countries, where the requirements for prostration during prayer are no different. Note also that on a bald man it can appear above his previous hairline. I hypothesise it never occurs above an existing hairline where it would be hidden.

  26. Ed Zuiderwijk says:

    A good illustration of Karl Marx’ adage: “history repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as a farce”. Describes both religions pretty neat, don’t you think?

  27. Albatross says:

    JMo brags:

    >>wonton Western loins I possess

    You have loins made out of Chinese dumplings?

    Pork and dumplings between your legs – how could any girl resist?

  28. Garrapiux says:

    Oh, so much goodness! I stumbled upon this website recently and It happened to coincide with me beginning my MA in political philosophy. Going through these comics is better than most introductions to philosophy I’ve had! Although I think you could squeeze a few more good jokes out of the ‘inimitability of the koran’ and the funny way that the Universe is said to not be infinite because of infinite regress, but that doesn’t apply to God, because it says right there in the book that he/she/it is infinite.

  29. J. Doe says:

    Chad Elf Believer: “I have an invisible magic elf who makes it rain.”

    Virgin Skeptic: “How can you prove you have this elf?”

    Chad Elf Believer: “Didn’t it rain yesterday?”

    Virgin Skeptic: “Yes.”

    Chad Elf Believer: “What more proof do you need?”

  30. Simon Adkins says:

    Literally spent the whole day getting here, from the very first strip… Where has this been hiding, and why so successfully?

    Read some of the commentaries generally, but I’ll probably come back to dive into the witticisms (mostly) and try avoid the Poe’s when I’m not meant to be working.

    This is my first post: just had to laugh out loud when I saw Mo’s magazine. Not a great look in a shared office space, trying to explain why I was reading cartoons mocking Abrahamic religions, and why that little Easter Egg was so funny.

    I’m hoping there’s lots more to come, and already had a look at the site for buying back issues of the Volumes. Sort that when i have time, and a little more disposable income…

  31. Author says:

    Oh, there’s plenty more to come, Simon. I’m glad you’re enjoying them so far. You’re about to hit the Big Art Change – hope it doesn’t put you off!


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