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  1. I heard a pentecostal woman joke yesterday that one should avoid sex because it might lead to dancing.

  2. carolita says:

    I just don’t get it. If someone is SO against the ways of a country that they have immigrated into, why do they stay? I think it’s fine to be against everything, but why be somewhere where everything is contrary to your belief system, when there are places one can go where everybody is living the way you want to live? It seems rather hypocritical somehow. If I’m wrong, feel free to tell me — I’m just asking a question out of perplexity. Perhaps there should be reservations, like for Native Americans (who should not have had reservations at all, really, since they’re the natives), for people who just don’t want to be integrated into conventional society. Would that work? Or they should be like the Jehovah Witnesses, who drive eachother around to avoid public transportation, etc. (I used to see the Jehova-mobiles in DUMBO, when I lived there, near the Watchtower. That was fine with me, since I don’t particularly want to ride the subway next to an unappreciative Jehova Witness myself!) I’m so puzzled!

  3. TaoAndZen says:

    So, are Muslims going to sit at the front of the bus or the back of the bus?

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  5. Cassie says:

    Muslims only represent 2 million people in the UK. They are a minority and the amount of publicity generated by the media is completely out of proportion to their size and stature within this country. It’s about time the media just stopped printing such nonsense, which is only encouraging Islamophobia, and allowed Muslims to get on quietly leading their lives. If a minority tries to impose their belief system on the majority then it is up to the majority, through democratic purposes, to vote and have their say. Simple. The media hype only fans the flame of hatred and it really should stop.

  6. Don says:

    Well said, Cassie. These cartoons lampoon the idiocicy of pushy sectarian bigots and the insane logic of theological supremacists. They do not purport to represent Joe Public who may adhere to this or that religion without becoming an annoyance to his neighbours.

    There is a media hype whereby only inflamatory exremists are newsworthy, only swaggering demands are worth reporting and only the loopy and potenially homicidal are of interest.

    This isn’t one of those places. This site brilliantly catches the folly of our current crop of interfering religious blowhards. If they happen to be mysoginistic, homophobic or lethal, it nails that too. But T&Z is out of order, unless I have misunderstood him.

  7. ShadowofGod says:

    I think what t&z means is: are they the oppressed or the oppressors??

  8. TaoAndZen says:

    Don, the latter. Perhaps I should have phrased it, “do Muslims proposing such exclusions and segregations want the ‘Kufirs’ to sit at the back of the bus?” The imagery is touchy.

    Thanks Shadow. Spot on.

  9. TB says:


    This is a deliberate attempt at annoying the Islamic society and to aggravate further injuries. Excluded from dancing? Is UK ruled by mullahs or something?

    Do the world a favor, ban all abrahamic religions. End of discussion.

  10. melior says:

    Ban religion? That’s problematic. Maybe we could try eliminating it by ridiculing it instead. Say, by using comics or something.

  11. Sophie says:

    you can only feel integrated into a society when you feel that your beliefs, while maybe not shared, are respected.

  12. Jonathan says:

    However, Sophie, special considerations for any group weakens its members’ obligation as citizens to integrate and results in either preferential treatment or disadvantages. A public school system is also an integration tool. Making exceptions destroys this integration function.

    A thick skin is an essential part of integration in any free society. Where free speech exists no one should or can expect freedom from potentially offensive free expression.

    No one who has not learned to deal with differing, even hostile, opinions can really be integrated into a free society.

  13. Kenny says:

    I read this cartoon and read some of the comments. It makes me wonder why Fred Phelps still lives in this country if he thinks we’re going to hell for being a fag-enabling country, and yet he stays here and rants and rants to his heart’s content.

    Some people are more irrational than the decimal signature of pi.

  14. Aisling says:

    Mr. Phelps probably stays in America because, by his ‘logic’ the entire world is doomed, so he might as well stay in America. Or maybe because there seem to be a lot of nutty religious types there, due to the huge population.
    He wouldn’t really survive long in, say, Ireland, would he? I hear a WBC dude tried to have a protest in Dublin and some skangers jumped him and took his wallet.
    I hope that made sense… My brain’s fried from insomnia, so please excuse me if it didn’t.

  15. Worried says:

    Europe is islam’s “New World” as America was for the Europeans back in the days. Eventually, when the muslims have overthrown the European governments, laws, ideals, cultures and freedom, the remaining European inhabitants will be forced to live in reservations such as the native Americans are doing today, and they will be referred to as “dhimmis”. Or perhaps they will be treated as the Jews were during WWII. Who knows…

    Read the Koran, and you will find the answers.

  16. aaa says:

    No one’s mentioned doublethink?…

  17. Jonas says:

    Integration through segregation? Isn’t that the internet?

  18. Anon says:

    Individual changing cubicles sounds like a brilliant idea. I for one never understood how anyone would think that schoolgirls (or anyone else for that matter) would be comfortable stripping to the nude in front of each other after school swimming. (Even stripping to one’s underwear when changing for other sports can make one feel self-conscious enough). My fellow pupils and I would always rush to be the first into the all-too-few lavatory cubicles after swimming, while the unlucky ones would wait or else try to get changed in one of the shower stalls and hope that nobody would open their curtain. I became extremely distrustful of shower stalls after a classmate had burst in on me getting changed in one, and therefore I always chose the loo-stall-or-wait option – but as our time was limited, I sometimes felt pressured into not bothering changing out of my swimming gear at all, but rather into hurrying to dry my costume along with myself as best as I could – which would often result in embarrassing wet marks on the back of my skirt, but it was far better than the alternative of getting naked in front of others.
    Yeah, so my point was…individual changing cubicles are not a bad idea at all. Provided they’re not restricted to Muslim pupils only.

  19. Adrian says:

    wouldn’t it be like inuits coming south and wanting bears to be free on the streets just so they could hunt them because it is such an important part of their culture?

  20. Mrmoe says:

    I like the Orwellian reference, Author, nice touch.

  21. Marie says:

    I love how he’s reading George Orwell as he says that. Friggin hilarious.

  22. Bones'sDog says:

    Carolita, 12/3/07, “they” come here, and to other countries like this one because their original homelands are devastated hell-holes. They are escaping worse even though we are bad.
    They try to remake our little world in the image of their homelands because that is what they know.
    We do it, too.
    For examples, look at the number of “Fish-and-Chip” shops and Pubs in Spain.
    It’s not all deliberate evil attempting to conquer and subdue us. Some of it is just looking for safety and comfort.
    What “we” should do is what the Amerinds never managed, assimilate the invaders and convert them to our cultures before we are swamped by theirs.
    That could be difficult with the Muslims as they see apostasy as evil incarnate but it’s possibly worth a try.
    Hug an immigrant. Give him a local newspaper in the local language and invite his family to a party where indigenous foods are the only things available and native music is played. Buy their children books and comics and DVDs and invite their wives out for Girls’ Night.
    Ruin their isolationist ideologies and cults by being super nice to them all.
    Even if it doesn’t work they might be predisposed to being nicer to us when they eventually do enforce the global caliphate, Zion or New Jerusalem. That could be important.


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