Why won’t god heal amputees?

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  1. TaoAndZen says:


    Everyone I just showed this to burst into laughter.

    Damn fine point too.

  2. TB says:

    BEST atheism Website. Period. End of discussion. Any intelligent normal human being stops believing once thoroughy reading the website.

  3. Hobbes says:

    When asked by flaming Christian believers why I refuse to believe in miracles and/or “faith healers,” I reply that if a faith healer were to walk through a children’s hospital and heal the children of every manner of terminal and not so terminal illnesses (as well as reform the deformed), then I would be first in line to follow him or her. But, of course, faith healing always takes place in the “big tent” where these pilfering preachers, through psycho-babble, can pick the pockets of pious pigeons.
    (Sorry, the alliteration just fit too well.)

  4. Richie says:

    Wow that was one of the least funny puns I’ve ever heard

  5. Bob Rea says:

    Question: (Power of Prayer)

    Difference in healing…1 person praying or 1000 people praying…always been a mystery…or does it have to do with credentials of those doing the praying? 🙂

    signed: confused

  6. Jonathan says:

    Then the other puns must be pretty impressively funny indeed!

  7. “What pun?”

    “Wasn’t there one? Never mind.”

  8. peterNW1 says:

    boom boom

  9. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    Test post.

  10. Bones'sDog says:

    If healing by faith worked not a single human would ever get sick and no one would die.
    I don’t know about beloved pets but I suspect the same rules would eventually apply. Once the magic superpower source ran out of humans to help it would be bent into the service of lesser critters just because it would be available.
    Just like real medicine is.

    If healing by faith ever worked no priest would wear glasses or dentures or ever go bald or be rushed into a hospital when hurt. They would be taken to the nearest church or faith-healer’s tent.

    That priests go to dentists and opticians is an admission that prayer and faith healing are rubbish and the priests know this.

    The very first question an audience should be asking a “faith-healer” is did he or any of his family ever use the services of a real doctor, dentist, optician or pharmacist. Then they should walk out.

  11. Solo Hands says:

    A man named Olbers said something to the effect of :“There is darkness in the night sky therefore the cosmos is young and expanding.” or “Night exists, so Big Bang.”. Sort of.

    Bones’ Dog, you have just coined another axiom of cosmic significance [well, coined it some years before I typed this but that’s a mere flicker on a cosmic scale so between friends we can call it “just”]: “Opticians and dentists exist so ‘faith healing’ is utter fiction and always has been.”

    Well done, m’boy. You have shown that all “faith healers” are frauds and they know it.

    Merry Christmas, happy birthday, happy Isaac Day and have an egg-nog on my tab.

    [Yes, but this one was only four years. 🙂 ]


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