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  1. It’s “Frack” not “Frick.” Or maybe that’s only on Battlestar Galactica.

  2. Tim Reid says:

    Or “flick” as in “Hey you flicked my wife, motherflicker”.

    flicking fraking fricking funny as usual though 🙂

  3. TB says:

    Fricking is correct. It is derived from an ancient Germanic word of striking.

  4. Sir Beast says:

    Know what I gave up for Lent? A centuries-old marketing ploy for the fishing industry!

  5. John Cowan says:

    “Frick” is probably a euphemism for “frig”, which is both a euphemism for “fuck” and a word meaning “masturbate”, derived from a now-obsolete meaning “rub, chafe”; the earliest known meaning is “move about, agitate the limbs”.

    “Frack”, as used on B.G., is probably a euphemism for “frick”, with a nod to Frick and Frack, the stage names of a couple of Swiss skaters who moved to the U.S.; “Frick and Frack” now means something like “two people so much alike as to be indistinguishable.”

  6. Mythbuster says:

    That’s frickin’ hilarious!

  7. Ketil G says:

    heeh this was a funny one 🙂

    I remember this one next time i use the F.word, i say frick instead

  8. Personally, I’m a fan of “friggin'”. I remember that I learned it from a comic book.

  9. Albert Ross says:

    In the oul’ sod they use “feck” as a euphemism but it has other meanigns there so even if you are a priest you can get away with using it in speech. See for an exhaustive explication.

  10. Cicero says:

    Frick is used by the germans as in “frichdich” which means “fuck you”. It’s also a way of swearing in english without blaspheming like “gosh” instead of “god” or “darn” instead of “damn”. You can always tell a pansy-ass when they use words like “darn” or “gee whiz”.

    This comic strip is classic! lmfao!

  11. r00db00y says:

    What about “fug”, like Billy Connolly uses around his kids.
    Like “Shuddafuggup y’fuggin bassa”.

  12. Mephisto says:

    It’s “Fick dich” what means “fuck you”, exactly, but that is a little harder and lesser social accepted than the english version

    (Hard to explain how to speak it … english language has no substitute for the german “ch”)

  13. Albert Ross says:

    I must be “Fick dich” ‘cos I am a little harder and less socially acceptable.

  14. Mephisto says:

    Damn! I was so sure … why didn’t they vote for german when the U.S. Congress looked for a national language.
    What did I say?

  15. Hobbes says:

    I vote for frig. The one I hear most often is “freaking.” However, it doesn’t play well as “go freak yourself.” Ya gotta hand it to Dick Cheney, however, as he sticks to the old “go fuck yourself.” You know Dick? He’s one of the “family values” American Republicans.

  16. clown says:

    Don’t forget “frail” or “frel” from Farscape.

  17. scaryjim says:

    Isn’t “frick” used throughout the Austin Powers series of movies? As in “throw me a frickin’ bone here”.

  18. Bob Rea says:

    I think you’re all out of your freakin’ minds.

  19. jONES. says:

    Personally fond of “Eff”. As in “you’re out of yer Effin’ minds”

    Of course, my all time favourite euphemism to date, I heard Bob Saget say “shiggles” on “1 vs 100”.

    As if “shits & giggles” wasn’t funny enough…

  20. Edna says:

    bother and piffle.
    so soft, so fuzzy, so friendly, and as i’m eccentric to get away with it good.

  21. Thoughts of a Dying Atheist says:

    Elliott from Scrubs says frick. I prefer frick.

  22. Daz says:

    I want to cast a very late vote for “Frell” (from Farscape) please.

    (Slowly working my way through all the old cartoons here. I’ll catch up eventually)

  23. Bagpuss says:

    Nearly pissed meself at frame 1…

  24. C Reese says:

    I have a problem with anyone saying any words are bad. I once pointed out to my socially religious sister that using euphemisms didn’t change the fact that her oldest daughter was cussing all the time, and that she herself was cussing very frequently. I’ll use the occasional shit or fuck, but am training myself to avoid the theist words hell, damn & god.

  25. Bones'sDog says:

    JONES, as they said at the old folks’ outing, it’s all shits and giggles until someone giggles and shits.

    C Reese, why the Hell avoid the theist words? The damn things miff the heavens out of the god-botherers which is always good for a titter.
    The most bad word I know is “tax”, followed closely by “semolina”.

    I love a good euphemism. I think “fuck” is about the most euphonious word in the entire English language. That and “banana” for some strange reason.
    The first two sentences immediately above are probably non sequitur which is a truly beautiful phrase.


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