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  1. carolita says:

    I seem to recall that the Old Testament predicted that the Messiah would be hated by everyone, that he’d be repulsive, even. So the opinion Mo forms of him would be exactly what was hoped for, in the grand plan. I guess.

  2. Ketil G says:

    hehhe I agree with jesus

  3. Jonathan says:

    Are you saying Donald Trump is the messiah?

  4. ShadowofGod says:

    I’m the messiah, actually.

  5. eenauk says:

    petulant? ah come on … i thought he came accross as mostly cute in those stories…

  6. TaoAndZen says:

    As Jesus he is portrayed as criminally insane. Prone to aggressive outbursts and willful law-breaking. As the Christ he makes Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot look like Bambi.

    As author points out, Christians don’t actually read that pornography.

  7. r00db00y says:

    Emmmmm…T&Z, You don’t think you’re perhaps over-exaggerating just a tad? Obviously you haven’t read that “pornography” either.

    Worse than all of the worst despots in history….together? Come to think of it, I do remember Auschwitz being mentioned in the Bible; right alongside dinosaurs.

    Willful lawbreaking? I don’t suppose you ever, say, speed. Would that not be willful lawbreaking? Quick, lets lock you up and throw away the key, for the sake of the children. WON’T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!!!

    I won’t even mention aggressive outbursts (oops, just did) as your comment is so wide of the mark I find it hard to believe you have the capacity to assess a situation correctly and respond rationally. Or am I over exaggerating too? 😉

  8. TaoAndZen says:

    Roodboy, No. There is a huge moral difference between “speeding” and walking into the branch of your nearest bank, kicking over the tables and yelling at the staff. Only a moral cretin would not understand the difference between a motoring offence and the criminal damage plus threatening behaviour plus assault described in the Gospel of John.

    Mental illness diagnosis can be subjective. But getting angry at a fig tree is not sane.

    As for being worse than despots I suggest you re-check the writings of the Nutbag of Patmos where Christ engages in a Genocide of one-third of the population of the Earth at the head of an army of 200 million “Angels”. Indeed, the ravings of John’s mother-of-all-bad-mushroom-trips conjures an image of a world looking like a combination of Auschwitz, Ground-Zero NY and the killing fields of Cambodia. Note author has J reading “Swords and Swordsmen”. “Think not that I come in Peace.” Gospel of Matthew.

    Read boy.

  9. André says:

    I think this may be my favorite.

    Okay, they’re almost all my favorite.

  10. Jeremy says:

    Why did Jesus get angry at a fig tree? I’m too lazy to read the whole thing to find out, anyone got a synopsis?

  11. TaoAndZen says:

    Jeremy, in the gospels this incident occurs alongside the temple incident. It’s a bit like something from an existential comedic farce or a Monty Python sketch. Jesus, out of the blue, walks up to a fig tree and gets angry with it for not bearing fruit, despite it being out of season. He then proceeds to the temple and assaults the people there with a whip, expelling them and damaging property, pouring away their money (technicaly theft). Later the tree is mentioned again as being withered and Jesus has another rant. It’s one of those stories they don’t tell in Sunday School as it seems completely nuts.

    It’s stories like this that make you think how it might be possible to turn the life of Charles Manson into an example of piety by focusing on a few mundane sentiments and ignoring the bloodbaths.

    Hope that helps.

  12. Josef says:

    And it would make kids question the bible’s infalliblity. The passage serves as a very poor parable or story since Jesus is really hungry, doesn’t know when figs grow, and reacts by killing a tree because of his lack of knowledge. Or perhaps, somebody tampered with the Bible and messed up the timeline of the Gospels.

    Either way, it’s a crazy story – vengeful Jesus killing an infertile tree, for shame!

  13. TB says:

    God does not heal or love amputees either.

  14. Seth says:

    Here’s a great take on the fig tree story courtesy of another awesome atheist comic,

  15. Rachel says:

    “Jesus is really hungry, doesn’t know when figs grow, and reacts by killing a tree because of his lack of knowledge.”

    This actually made me burst out laughing and nearly spit all over my monitor.
    It’s a retarded story – I can’t help wondering why it was deemed worthy of being recorded in the first place.

  16. Richie says:

    I’m a Christian and I think the main problem with Christianity is that too many attribute to many natural earthly things to God. People pray for (for example) a brother to be healed from cancer. If he is healed then they say it was a miracle and if he isn’t healed then the family hates God and think he did this. It was not God at all, the chemo either worked or didn’t. If he was healed then people go around and say “God healed my son”, but when people lose limbs and don’t grow them back when they pray, they think God isn’t real or doesn’t care. If people didn’t attribute so many things to the divine then people would understand natural phenomena and not say God did it, then people would not be disappointed in God and not treat Him like a “cosmic vending machine”.

  17. Richie says:

    Roodboy I want to compliment your fine work of burning T&Z and deflating his incredibly huge ego.

  18. peterNW1 says:

    A strange one this. Has the author read the Gospels? Jesus comes over as a very sympathetic figure in them. Certainly far more sympathetic than the author of the Qur’an.

  19. C Reese says:

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  20. OtterBe says:

    Do NOT use the russellsteapot link. Or, at least be warned that as of this date, both the link and searching for bring one to a site blocked by Apple with multiple dire warnings about proceeding further. Just found J&M, and don’t want any of you kind, thoughtful, and discerning people to have your electronics jacked

  21. Archistoteles says:

    If you want to look up the Russell’s Teapot cartoons, you can use “Russell’s teapot comic” as search criterium. No problems with Apple or dire messages. And the cartoons are really funny.


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