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  1. Grouchy-One says:

    Where’s my irony meter when I need it…
    SPOING!?!?! There it goes

  2. Graham Price says:

    Hmmmm, Mo’s looking very sexy today

  3. Sach says:

    So did they get rid of irony meters once and for all? Good, life should be quieter for them now.

  4. Here is a few favorites of mine:

  5. Lord Elric says:

    The 1st & most entertaining J&M I ever read:

    The perfect J&M mix: Mo’s image controversy, the perfect prophet fallacy, profanity, & the shriveled nut (must have been in the pool).

    As always, keep up the excellent work Author.

  6. Adam Samsa says:

    I believe new readers should know the truth about Easter:
    Of course, they should also learn to use the irony meter:
    And let’s not forget poor Mo:

  7. nina says:

    To be fair, there’s a lot of left wingers who spend their day protesting government this and government that – all while collecting either welfare or unemployment insurance.

    Still, I hold a fantasy that my comment on an earlier J/M cartoon about wearing special clothes to indicate modesty is in fact bragging or being prideful about it, may have had a tiny impact in creating this cartoon.

    It’s a fantasy, but I can dream

  8. Lacerta says:

    I’m a long-time lurker, and I have to say that was by far the funniest thing I’ve read in years.

  9. Ish says:

    I also love this one

    even if it was nicked from Viz

  10. gobbycoot says:

    It’s so hard to choose (I have spent hours just browsing through these strips and giggling)…this is one that encapsulates why I so love J&M:

  11. nina says:

    there just too many excellent ones to pick a favorite

  12. Maggs says:

    Will barmaid serve Mo when she can not tell if he is of an age to drink in licenced premises?

  13. grouchy-one says:

    I think this is one of my all time favourites…

  14. Daoloth says:

    @Author: “Flaunting your modesty”. That is genius. Is that an original line to you?- I want to quote it in a paper and want to get the attribution correct.

  15. Euan says:

    My favourite Jesus and Mo? Easy- Crowd:

  16. Stephen Turner says:

    Hey, Butterflies and Wheels has an article that touches on this point. I love the bit where the author (Edmund Standing) says that non-Muslim Blair believes Islam to be a religion of tolerance and peace, but that imams need hundreds of thousands of pounds from the taxpayer to reach the same conclusion.

  17. Nibien says:

    “To be fair, there’s a lot of left wingers who spend their day protesting government this and government that – all while collecting either welfare or unemployment insurance.”

    Teabaggers aren’t left-wing, sorry.

  18. author says:

    @Daoloth – Thanks. I didn’t consciously copy it, but I’d be surprised if nobody had said it before.

  19. There are so many good ones that it’s very hard to pick a favourite, but is probably the one I come back to most often. Either that or any of the ones I mention here:


  20. I was just reminded of this classic, when I saw the Niemöller-poem elsewhere:

  21. grouchy-one says:

    Hmm, this is turning into a Jesus & Mo clip show…

  22. aiaiai says:

    it´s really difficult to choose one…i have to say 2:

    March 31st, 2006


    March 21st, 2008

  23. Izzy says:

    @Nina – Nice generalization. Sorta like all right wingers are Nazis, Tea Baggers, and don’t have the “Christian Values” they claim to have 😛

  24. Daoloth says:

    @Nina & Izzy. Indulge an old lady here.
    By “tea-bagging”, do you mean what I think you think you mean (e.g. something to do with Sarah Palin and Tax) or do you mean what I thought you meant but, presumably must be mistaken in (i.e. the application of testicles to mouths).
    Old age brings many confusions.

  25. nina says:

    @ Nibien – I am not sure how you read my post to think I was referring to teabaggers – I know the political protestor kind is right wing – although the people do do the sex version can be any political stripe.

    @Izzy – thanks, I am a centralist myself, but I see the characterizations of both sides, and neither side can claim a moral high ground over the other

    well, I guess they can if they skew that moral measure to what they think morals is.

    the only difference I see between the left and the right is that the left wants to control your public behaviour and the right your private behaviour

    hmmmm, I think that’s my next blog post.

  26. Nassar Ben Houdja says:

    October 21, 2008, best ever.
    If atheists are so smart, how did they get surrounded by idiots?

  27. Altair IV says:

    Just change the link at the top that says “Archives” to “Best Of”, and you’re done.

  28. nina says:

    @Nassar Ben Houdja

    sheer numbers – they out bred us

  29. nina says:


    the original teabagging was the testical thing – see most any Sex in the City episode

    but the right wing group is a tax revolt, so they think that they are referencing the boston tea party – they also have a lot of overlap with the “birthers” who refuse to accept that Obama was born American.

    so, not the brightest bulbs in the bunch

  30. Daoloth says:

    @Nina. So, let me be clear- Sarah Palin with an, ahem, straight-face, is referring to herself as a “teabagger”? Oh boy- I need to get to more political rallies. They sound fun. Many thanks.

  31. Daoloth says:

    @Nina. I was right! They are fun.
    Thanks for that

  32. Snowflake says:

    Damn it! I just wrote a comment with a bunch of links to episodes, and it didn’t get published! I’m trying again, without the link to J&M’s Russian translations page this time.
    Anyway, my favorites are (by name): mass, crowd, money, dummy, park, bus, pill, greek, ugh
    Re-sending, hopefull still.


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