They hate it when she does that.

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  1. Son of Glenner says:

    Heads I win, tails you lose!

  2. Mockingbird says:

    SoG: No, I deny that !

  3. M27Holts says:

    The Devil eh? He definately needs a better PR person…

  4. Son of Glenner says:

    Mockingbird: OK, have it your own way:

    Tails you lose, heads I win.

  5. James R. Baerg says:

    This is the first I’ve heard the term ‘Kafka trap’.
    I guess the name is because of something in the fiction of Kafka, but I don’t know enough his writings to say what it would be.

  6. Myrdradek says:

    The term “Kafkatrap” was coined by Eric S. Raymond, a man who thinks black people are naturally dumber than white people

  7. Mockingbird says:

    SoG: OK One of us must be a tosser. 🙂

  8. M27Holts says:

    Surely the fallacy was used by the inquisition? Are you a witch?…

  9. Edward says:

    And then there is, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks” from Hamlet.

  10. Author, once again you contribute to my amazing store of trivia. I’d never heard of the Kafka trap, though I seem to recall it being used on me. Denial of the existence of god implies recognition of the concept of god, thus a belief that god exists. Philosophy 101 bollocks of course. Thanks again.

  11. M27Holts says:

    As was quoted “man went on to prove that god didn’t exist, ‘oh ghat was easy said man’, he went on to prove that black was white and then sadly got run over on the next zebra crossing he encountered….

  12. Donn says:

    That’s a good point. Not as stated – of course recognition of the concept of a flat earth does not equal belief that the earth is flat.

    But indeed, it’s hard to deny the existence of god without accepting some concept thereof, likely the culturally dominant one – and if you don’t believe in it, there was no really good reason to accept that concept. So there’s a circularity there, albeit in a sort of negative way.

  13. AussieRob says:

    That one was sheer genius! Thanks.

  14. Someone says:

    Brings to mind The Argument Clinic. I now want see it as John Cleese using the Kafka Trap to get a few extra pounds.

  15. M27Holts says:

    Aye. “Thats not an argument, thats just contradiction”…classic…

  16. Jesus F Iscariot says:

    M27 Holts: Contradiction? No it’s not.

  17. M27Holts says:

    Hm…is this a five minute argument or the full half hour?

  18. postdoggerel says:

    Mrs Kafka thought she’d seen the worst
    That morning she and Mr Kafka burst
    Through Franz’s door and saw the mattress dwarfed
    By carapace, and her boy metamorphed –
    The worst, at least, until her husband threw
    The boy’s aquarium down, its contents too:
    The sea invertebrates he’d been collecting.
    “Why …” But Mr Kafka, interjecting,
    Growled for every husband’s lost hegemonies:
    “Verdammt! With Franz like this, who needs anemones?”

  19. Rrr says:

    Brilliant, oh versed one!

  20. Mockingbird says:

    Postdog: Good that. 🙂

  21. Son of Glenner says:

    “Well he would, wouldn’t he?” – Mandy Rice-Davies, when Lord Astor denied an affair or even having met her, during the “Profumo Affair” trial.

    Known for: Profumo affair

  22. M27Holts says:

    Well once My wife and I bumped into a past girlfriend of mine (before I met my wife). Afterwards she asked me if I’d slept with her. I truthfully said “no”. Interrogation over and wife happy. If only she had asked the question in a way tbat most men would have…

  23. Laripu says:

    Postdog, for humorous verse, that’s first rate stuff.

  24. Postdoggerel says:

    Laripu – you are too astute. It was not my work. I would attribute. But that is not advisable here

  25. Postdoggerel says:

    It would be plagiarism without my denial. No Kafka trap. No need for a trial.

  26. Postdoggerel says:

    For what shall it profit a man, if he gains admiration, but loses his own avatar.

  27. Rrr says:

    But that last quote _was_ your own, right?

  28. postdoggerel says:

    No. Just a transmogrification of yet another anonymous source.

  29. Rrr says:

    Ah. Would that happen to be found in the anthology our cartoon heroes keep in their nightstand? It did sound familiar, somehow.

  30. postdoggerel says:

    If you wonder, like me, how alas
    Christians could give Trump a pass,
    The best verse you’re liable
    To find in the bible:
    The dreaded jaw bone of an ass.

  31. M27Holts says:

    Trump seems to have disappeared off the map. Has he gone back to his reptilian lair in the hidden lands of the tsetse fly in equatorial africa to plot world domination with the rest of his fifth-column zionist shape changing reptilian brethren?

  32. Son of Glenner says:

    M27Holts: Re Trump: If only! In fact he still has a lot of residual support from republican supporters, with an eye to the 2024 presidential election. And he is having money-related legal problems, not least here in my native Bonnie Scotland re his two loss-making golf courses, which are suspected of being connected with money-laundering. We can only hope for a suitable cardiac event, which is not too unlikely.

  33. M27Holts says:

    Maybe his golf courses are secret entrances to tunnels that lead to a subterranean base under Loch Ness where the lizard aliens are secretely breeding an army of machine augmented mosasaurs that can be released to attack the uk’s submarine force…the sightings are of prototype cyborgs on their way to sea trials from their subterranean monster pens deep beneath scotland…

  34. postdoggerel says:

    SOG, can the heartless have a heart attack?

    Breathes there the man, with soul so dead,
    Who never to himself hath said,
    This is my own, my native land!
    Whose heart hath ne’er within him burn’d,
    As home his footsteps he hath turn’d,
    From wandering on a foreign strand!
    If such there breathe, go, mark him well;
    For him no Minstrel raptures swell;
    High though his titles, proud his name,
    Boundless his wealth as wish can claim;
    Despite those titles, power, and pelf,
    The wretch, concentred all in self,
    Living, shall forfeit fair renown,
    And, doubly dying, shall go down
    To the vile dust, from whence he sprung,
    Unwept, unhonour’d, and unsung.

    Sir Walter Scott

  35. Laripu says:

    Since there’s talk of Trump, and poetry, here’s a one I wrote in 2018:

    Conman’s Sonnet

    They still believe in the golden god,
    who cheats at home,
    who cheats abroad,
    who will not call the righteous friends,
    and flatters vicious enemies,
    and pursues only greedy ends,
    and will betray the very ones
    that offer troth.
    When the edifice of falseness falls,
    who will the godling blame
    to save his skin, to clear his name?
    Here’s another query:
    Is he malicious? or merely mercenary?
    Both, I think. I think it’s both.

  36. M27Holts says:

    “Trump” said God.
    USA did…
    ….and it stunk…

  37. postdoggerel says:

    “Fact is stranger than fiction.” – Mark Twain


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